Xbox Series X lastly makes PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds feel proficient at 60fps

Among the very first video games I evaluated on Xbox Series X wasPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds As a boomer, it is still my preferred fight royale, however I use PC. A huge factor for that is the video game performs at 30 frames per second on console. And I was dissatisfied that it still performed at that framerate even with the next-gen power of the brand-new Xbox. However ever since, PUBG Corp. introduced an upgrade for PUBG’s public test server that lastly opens the framerate throughout all consoles. The outcome is that this last-player-standing shooter lastly feels smooth and responsive on console.

PUBG runs excellently on Xbox Series X The fight royale averages 60 frames per second on Xbox Series X while striking a typical framerate of 55 on Xbox One X. This is when the video game remains in Framerate mode, which sets the resolution to 1080p.

Above: However things aren’t as close as they appear.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

If you just take a look at the chart above, nevertheless, you may presume that the Xbox One X runs PUBG almost in addition to the Series X, however that isn’t the entire story. Initially, the framerate perform at an almost locked 60fps on Series X with just the most small missteps. The One X is far more irregular, and you can feel that throughout gameplay.

As a fast note, if you discover visual distinctions in between the 2 variations, those all boiled down to the time and weather condition modifications on the map.

Screen tearing is sidetracking in PUBG on Xbox One X

Much more visible is the screen tearing on Xbox One X. This variation has a lots of visible tearing since it occurs all up and down image. I tend not to discover tearing if it occurs near the top of the frame or when you begin entering into super-high refresh rates. However at 60Hz and lots of back-to-back tears right in the meaty part of the image, it’s truly disruptive.

The yellow lines in this photo represents a current tear, and you’ll discover that isn’t taking place at all on the Series X variation.

Above: Lots ‘o tearing.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

In General, the Xbox Series X variation seems like the method the video game was indicated to be played. It keeps a more constant framerate, and it does so without producing unattractive tearing. If you plug a keyboard and mouse into your Series X, the experience is going to carefully simulate the PC. Which’s full marks for this specific video game.

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