Why You Need To Make an Egg and Cheese Sandwich With Latkes

Egg and cheese sandwiches are frequently simply that: egg and cheese on a roll or bagel or toast. Simply as frequently, they co-star a choose-your-own breakfast meat, be it bacon or sausage or ham. However probably the most joyful variation, specifically throughout Hanukkah, includes a crispy, chewy latke.

The latke, egg, and cheese sandwich on house-baked challah from B&H Dairy in Manhattan’s East Village has actually technically been readily available for several years, yet only simply ended up being a long-term menu product.

” Among the important things that drives my consuming is having the ability to go to a dining establishment and assembled diverse aspects to make something even much better,” Lawrence Weibman, the de facto developer of the sandwich, informed me over the phone.

Weibman does not work for B&H. He’s a routine consumer, in addition to a video manufacturer and food-lover, who runs the Instagram account@nycfoodguy He’s constantly on the hunt for the most interesting meals at dining establishments, even if they’re not on the menu– yet.

The native New Yorker transferred to the East Town in 2008 to glance a few of the “old” New york city that continuously appeared in books and motion pictures, however wasn’t in his area maturing: “To me, the East Town is among the couple of locations left in the city that still has real bohemian soul. This is a location that embodies the last vestiges of the New york city of the past. B&H embodies [that feeling].”

B&H does represent traditional New york city appeal, where dining establishment workers understand the names of their regulars, and vise versa. Weibman is simply as knowledgeable about the owners of B&H, Ola and Fawzy Abdelwahed, in addition to the dining establishment’s cooks and front of home workers, as they are with him. In some cases, they’ll call specials after specific consumers.

” I stated you’re more than welcome to produce your own meal. In the start, it was simply a discussion,” Ola informed me over the phone, explaining the advancement of Weibman’s sandwich from tip to menu product. Initially, she was doubtful: “Potato pancake inside of the egg sandwich? However he stated, ‘It’s tasty,’ so I stated ‘Okay, I’ll attempt one.'” Her ideas now? “It’s remarkable, everyone enjoys it.”

The addition of a latke to an egg and cheese sandwich was, as holds true with lots of innovative developments, an unintended yet illuminating success. “I was most likely yearning bacon one day,” Weibman stated. As B&H is both a pescetarian and Kosher facility, an option entered your mind: an order of their salted golden-brown potato pancakes, among which he moved onto the egg and cheese sandwich. “What goes much better with squishy and melty, than crispy-crunchy? It’s everything about sandwich building.”

Mentioning building, Weibman has ideas. “Fried eggs, over medium, with American cheese. You wish to have the ability to squeeze down and have that yolk in the middle, not on top.” The challah– B&H’s homemade signature– is untoasted: “You desire the squishy bread, since you need to have the ability to smush it down a little to fit it in your mouth once the latke enters, unless you’re a boa constrictor.”

And obviously, there’s the dressings element. For Weibman, that’s salt and pepper, plus catsup and hot sauce. Remaining real to his brand name, Weibman didn’t simply choose the hot sauce on the counter. “The men who work there have their own stash of hot sauce in the refrigerator … in some cases they had a ghost pepper sauce. The genuine trick was to request for the hot sauce in the back.” He states that additional heat, with the sweet taste from catsup, are non-negotiable.

Till simply recently, to get this sandwich at B&H, one needed to buy an egg and cheese sandwich and side of potato pancakes, then reorganize appropriately. Yet, as Weibman learnt more about the cooks and owners more, he felt comfy asking for the entire sandwich (” a trepidatious ask,” he included).

When he initially shared images of the sandwich on Instagram, he noted it was an off-menu development. “However then individuals began being available in and buying it. They have actually other meals called for regulars. I ‘d tinker [Ola] and resemble, ‘Where’s mine? I’ll take an indication!'”

” I stated, ‘Next time we print the menu, I assure we’ll put your name on it,'” chuckled Ola, passing on the exact same story. “Some brand-new consumers see it online, and state they desire it similar to the image. For me, it was something brand-new. It’s incredibly popular.”

Will you include a latke to your next egg sandwich? Let us understand in the remarks!

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