Why Are Individuals Mad About AOC Tax The Rich Sweatshirt?

It’s Thursday afternoon, so obviously, conservatives seethe atRep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Today, Fox News host Sean Hannity, Fox News factor Sara Carter, and yes, Fox News factor Lisa Boothe, to name a few, required to Twitter to call out the congresswoman for selling (and promoting) a brand-new line of project merch. In the collection, together with a Green New Deal “dad hat” and a T-shirt that says, “Drink Water & Don’t Be Racist,” is a $58 crewneck sweatshirt with the expression “Tax The Rich” composed throughout the front. “Still chuckling about AOC offering unbelievably costly boodle that states ‘Tax the abundant,'” Boothe tweeted. Carter did the same, composing: “@AOC offering $65 ‘Tax The Rich’ sweatshirt. No, this isn’t @TheBabylonBee.” The Babylon Bee, a conservative and Christian news satire website, even participated in with a tweet of its own: “AOC Now Offering ‘Tax The Rich’ Caviar For Simply $10,000 A Can.” Missing out on in both Cubicle and Carter’s tweets– in addition to the follow-up stories Carter and Hannity composed– was any genuine engagement with or description about why Ocasio-Cortez’s merch costs the quantity it does.

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