Why a Pair of Volleyball Shoes Can Help You Play Better

If you are a hardcore volleyball player, or even just a weekend player, you can most likely benefit from buying a pair of good volleyball shoes. Luckily, shoes are pretty much the only piece of equipment that you have to buy if you are a frequent player. This makes volleyball a fairly cheap sport, especially since volleyball shoes are fairly cheap anyways.

The main reason to buy a good pair of shoes for the game is because they are heavily optimized for volleyball. The shoes made by the companies ASICS and Mizuno especially are suited specifically for volleyball. These styles of shoes are often packed with all kinds of features and technologies that can definitely help you to increase your game. More specifically, these shoes usually contain materials that aid in jumping and landing, and also moving quickly.

For example, with many of the ASICS brand of volleyball shoes, they contain a technology called the GEL cushioning system. This feature helps the shoes to be very comfortable and supportive. Also, this cushioning system is supposed to keep your feet from getting tired by keeping them stable and padded. This feature is great for volleyball players since they are always moving their feet and jumping, so some extra padding can really make a pretty big difference.

Many brands of volleyball shoes also contain air mesh materials on them so that your feet can breathe a bit more. Sweaty feet during a game of volleyball can be very uncomfortable and can cause some chafing inside the shoes. These air mesh parts can definitely help prevent this from happening, which will certainly allow you to feel more comfortable on your during the game.

Most volleyball shoes also contain some sort of technology that provides a bunch of shock resistance. This can help for the players that are doing the spiking in games for obvious reasons. If you are playing on a hard surface and constantly jumping as high as you can to spike a ball, having some shock resistance when landing can improve your endurance and make landing a lot more comfortable.

Volleyball shoes have the ability to provide that extra little edge that benefits players. With a good pair, your performance can definitely be increased by a moderate amount, and they will also help your feet stay comfortable and stable. If you are a serious volleyball player, then you should definitely consider buying a high end pair of these shoes.

Source by Michael Gerritsen

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