Which is the very best Gluten-Free Pasta

Gluten-free pasta started humbly enough: I saw that white rice was ground to a flour and formed into somewhat mushy variations of penne rigate. Then I saw a box of quinoa pasta, and after that chickpea pasta made a look. Now, each time I stroll through the supermarket it seems like there’s another gluten-free pasta readily available.

From delegated right: Quinoa with corn flour, white rice, wild rice, and chickpea pasta

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While all of these pastas can be assembled and classified into “gluten-free pastas,” I discovered after a really starchy trial run of 7 popular gluten-free pastas (chickpea pasta, quinoa pasta, white rice pasta, wild rice pasta, black bean pasta, lentil pasta, and corn pasta) that each variation tastes exceptionally various– and requires to various sauces in various methods. Here’s what to utilize these gluten-free pastas for, and what we liked– and didn’t— about each variation:

Our Gluten-Free Pasta Test Taste


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Chickpea Pasta (Banza): This pasta started promisingly. As quickly as I put the chickpea pasta into the pan, it sunk to the bottom and formed a line throughout the center of the pot. When I fished a couple of chickpea soldiers out at 5 minutes, they were still chewy, however another number of minutes worked.

Decision: If undercooked, pasta maintains its shape extremely well and does not stick when plated and dried– if prepared even a minute too long, it relies on mush in the pot or the colander. Regrettably, it leaves an unique chickpea aftertaste, and when chewed, it’s tough to distinguish the pasta from a mouthful of chickpeas … however, more chewy. It’s not such a strong taste that it would subdue a delicious pasta sauce, however it will be tough to overlook if you’re making a basic aglio e olio

Suggested cook time: 7 minutes, 30 seconds

Attempt it With:

Nigel Slater’s Truly Excellent Spaghetti Bolognese.
A hearty meat sauce is robust enough that you most likely will not even have the ability to taste chickpeas pasta’s nutty taste. Do not forget to top it with a lot of excellent Parmesan cheese.

Chickpea Fettuccine with Harissa, Kale, and Olives.
This dish was really established with chickpea pasta in mind, so it’s finest to lean in. Spicy harissa and briny olives set remarkably well with the pasta (not so odd though, as they match terrific with routine chickpeas!)


Pasta with Gorgonzola, Radicchio, Walnuts, and Orange.
With bitter radicchio, sweet orange, and funky-cream cheese, when again, your pasta accompaniments will sidetrack from the truth that this pasta is made with lentils, not wheat.


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All-Quinoa Pasta (Pereg): Numerous quinoa pastas, like the one noted above, consist of corn as the very first component, however this brand name lists whole-grain quinoa flour at the top of its list (followed by potato starch, egg white, and grease). As soon as in the water, it prepared incredibly rapidly (approximately 5 and a half minutes to 6 minutes, at the majority of).

Decision: While I’m pleased with the incredibly fast cook time and liked the taste– it tastes precisely like quinoa and has that very same rough earthiness, which was great other than that I could not surpass the texture. It breaks down practically as quickly as you begin chewing. I do not believe I would make these once again since if I ever craved them, I would simply make quinoa.

Suggested cook time: 6 minutes, at the majority of

Attempt it With:

Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce With Onion & & Butter.
With a mild-tasting quinoa pasta, it’s finest to stick to a timeless, like Marcella Hazan’s tomato, onion, and butter sauce, which is abundant and deeply tasty.

Quinoa with corn flour (Ancient Harvest): The guidelines on the back required a 6 to 9 minute cook time and cautioned me, “DO NOT OVERCOOK” so I set my alarm for 5 minutes … and after that 9 minutes … and after that 10, at which point they were still practically inedible. (Practically right away, the water ended up being so dirty that I could not see the pasta.) By 12 minutes, they were done and incredibly mushy. As soon as I took them out, I saw that they had actually left a movie on the whole pan that I needed to scrub to leave.

Decision: These are incredibly fragile and taste far more like corn than they do quinoa– practically like a corn tortilla that’s been dipped in water, which is sort of enjoyable to consume in pasta type, however I ‘d certainly choose it in chip type. On the plus side, they held their shape when chewed.

Suggested cook time: 11 to 12 minutes

Attempt it With:

Cavatappi with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Brie & & Arugula.
Leaning into strong tastes is the very best method to enhance quinoa pasta. Toss the pasta in oily, tangy-sweet sun-dried tomatoes, squidgy brie, peppery arugula. For a bit of additional smoke, include some sliced bacon if you have any on hand.

All-cap cautions marked almost all of the bags of pasta (NOT MUSHY and DO NOT OVERCOOK)

Corn Pasta

Corn and rice flour (Barilla): The guidelines suggest to salt the pasta water well to aid with taste, however that otherwise this pasta must be a smooth replacement for wheat. I had high hopes, and wasn’t dissatisfied.

Decision: This pasta is really moderate in taste, which, thinking about a few of the others, really ended up being a good idea. It has a relatively strong texture too, making it perfect for withstanding thick sauces.

Suggested cook time: 7 minutes.

Attempt it With:

Caroline Choe’s Kimchi Mac & & Cheese.
Spicy, velvety kimchi mac & & cheese brings richness and vibrant taste, which assists bring this moderate corn pasta to life.


Picture by Bobbi Lin

Wild Rice (Tinkyáda): At 12 minutes, this pasta took somewhat more time to prepare than the other gluten-free pastas, and as quickly as I took it out, it was incredibly slimy– a lot so that I could not get one noodle– however that thankfully subsided as it dried!

Decision: This pasta looks one of the most like routine, gluten-graced pasta, however the distinction ends up being right away obvious as you consume it– it does not taste like anything, and it squeaked as I chewed, which was off-putting.

Suggested cook time: 12 minutes

Attempt it with:

Our Finest Basil Pesto.
Slick wild rice pasta in a timeless, velvety basil and parmesan cheese-based pesto with a lot of olive oil. For a little additional protein, include chopped sausage or a can of white beans.

Kale Pesto Orecchiette.
For a more nutrient-dense (and definitely sensational green), nut-free pesto to choose your nutty wild rice pasta, attempt this kale variation, extra-tangy thanks to a hit of Dijon mustard.

White Rice (Melotti): As quickly as I put the pasta into the pot, it began to boil over, so the cooking procedure needed a little bit of alertness.

Decision: It tastes like a mushed-together ball of sticky rice, which was not incredibly attractive– if provided the choice, I would choose to simply consume white rice. And even an real ball of mushed-together sticky rice. It likewise had a somewhat slimy feel to it.

* Suggested cook time: 11 to 12 minutes

Attempt it with:

Finest Alfredo Fettuccini.
For a timeless velvety pasta (possibly to advise you that although you’re consuming white rice pasta, you do not need to avoid the cream and cheese– ideally a 50/50 mix of Parmesan and Pecorino Romano.)

Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Bake.
For any of those vegan and gluten-free folks out there (we see you! we hear you!), look no more than this cauliflower alfredo bake, which you might certainly make with wild rice pasta, however likewise any of the above gluten-free pastas

Picture by Alpha Smoot

Cut to the Chase:

Finest shape-retention: Chickpea

Finest taste: Quinoa with corn flour

Finest appearance: Wild rice

Finest total: It depends upon what you’re cooking and what your taste choices are! However we would choose a tie in between the wild rice and quinoa with corn flour.

What are a few of your preferred gluten-free pasta alternatives and pairings? Inform us in the remarks listed below!

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