What Is Tempeh? – Fermented Soybean Plant-Based Protein Guide

Searching for a brand-new method to liven up your meat-free meals? Tempeh is a plant-based protein made from fermented soybeans that’s simple to discover, simple to prepare, and well-worth an area on your weekly wish list. Nutritious, delicious, and flexible, tempeh is on a constant increase in appeal, providing tofu a run for its cash. Plus it’s vegetarian (vegan, in fact!) and gluten-free, suggesting practically anybody can fall for it.

What Is Tempeh

Tempeh is made by cooking, hulling, and fermenting dried soybeans with a yeast starter– comparable to sourdough starter however made with rice flour rather of wheat. The resulting mix is drained pipes and compressed into pieces that are usually sliced, cubed, or collapsed. What might seem white mold on the exterior of tempeh in fact is white mold: residues of the fermentation (like the skin on Brie), and a natural, safe, tasteless part of the procedure. Thanks, handy white mold!

What Does Tempeh Taste Like?

More mouthwatering by itself than tofu or seitan, tempeh has a noticable nutty, a little tasty taste— with a lot of umami notes, thanks to the fermentation procedure– and easily handles the essence of whatever it’s prepared with. It might show a little dull simply raw directly from the plan, so it’s finest to prepare it prior to consuming (and the possibilities are boundless!).


An abundant source of nutrients (especially B vitamins and calcium), tempeh has more calories and healthy fats than other popular plant-based proteins. It’s high in carbs and fiber for continual energy release, and it ranks short on the glycemic index.

Where to Purchase Tempeh

Grocery stores that offer tofu and vegan-meat alternatives will generally bring packaged tempeh in the very same cooled case. Health-food and specialized markets might bring numerous brand names, in addition to variations like marinaded tempeh or frozen crumbles. Shop tempeh for approximately a week in the fridge, or freeze for approximately 3 months.

How to Utilize Tempeh

Owing to its chewy texture and tough structure, tempeh is appropriate for frying, barbecuing, baking, stewing, and crumbling for a texture comparable to animal protein in chilis, pasta sauce, and grain bowls. Other flavor-packed methods to utilize tempeh:

* Sliced and grilled for tacos

* Cubed and utilized to leading vegetarian pizza

* Marinated and air-fried for a hearty sandwich

* Seasoned, burnt, and served on a colorful salad

* Instilled with smoky umami tastes and cooked like bacon for a tofu scramble

* Sauteed with sausage flavorings and served over polenta with tomato sauce

What’s your preferred method to utilize tempeh? Let us understand in the remarks!

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