What Is Athflow? 2021 Loungewear Athleisure Aesthetic

For This Reason “Athflow”– a word that shows where the pattern originated from, and where it’s going. This next stage of loungewear might be an item of the apparently never-ceasing athleisure motion, however it requires a refined focus on styling by method of slick materials, cascading shapes, and collaborated sets. Simply put, Athflow is a refined take on ultra-casual, loose, comfy clothing. It’s the enjoyable feathered trim of Sleeper’s pajamas, the rewarding fit of Pangaia’s orchid purple track pants, and the love of a rippling long-sleeve blouse by Lisa States Gah. It’s the response to how we’ll keep comfy when we’re no longer relegated to the couch, however still not prepared to shift to the attire we used pre-pandemic.

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