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That Was An Ass-Whoopin’

Sort Of like what they did previously in the season to the Dallas Cowboys, the Cleveland Browns did the very same thing to the Tennessee Titans in the very first half. The Browns had a 38-7 halftime lead. Yes, you check out that right. Now they just handled to include a basket in the 2nd half and permitted the Titans to make the video game appearance reputable in the end. Tennessee scored 28 points in the 2nd half while 2 of those ratings accompanied less than 1:30 left in the video game. That is rather worrying for the Browns defense to hold a lead. Specifically if it is a little lead which might be the case come playoff time. This triumph guarantees the Browns will complete above.500 for the season and sets them up well for a Monday night clash with Baltimore to strengthen their possibilities to play in January. If QB Baker Mayfield continues to play like he did versus the Titans this bodes well for his case as a leading tier quarterback.

This Is A Good Idea

Typically I would be stating that a loss like this is the worst thing that might occur to a group. I made that case about the Seattle Seahawks losing to the New york city Giants.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers this is in fact a good idea. If utilized to their benefit this will reboot the group, particularly the offense. I understand that their finest running back James Conner wasn’t readily available, however the Steelers didn’t even attempt to develop the run. Typically when a group has an early 14-point lead they attempt to keep it and often it assists to run the ball. To put it just the play-calling was godawful for Pittsburgh. QB Ben Roethlisberger is having another quality season, however this offense in the last month does not state to me that they can beat the Kansas City Chiefs. There’s no chance they can stay up to date with that type of scoring output. The only factor the Steelers were unbeaten for this long was since of their defense. They kept them afloat for the majority of the video game versus the Redskins, however QB Alex Smith kept moving the chains at defining moments. The Steelers losing a video game now must have them refocus their efforts on offense and head towards clinching that primary seed.

Worst Play-Call Ever

If you’ve ever become aware of Gregg Williams in NFL circles, what’s the very first thing that enters your mind? Is it that he had one head training task in the league. He has actually mainly been a protective organizer or that he was at the center ofBounty Gate Well, another thing that will enter your mind for me and it will be at the top of my list is he made the worst protective play-call that I have actually ever seen in a NFL video game. I comprehend that the New york city Jets are winless and there are a great deal of issues with this franchise from leading to bottom, however what the hell was Gregg Williams believing? The Las Vegas Raiders were losing 28-24. They need to score a goal no matter what. They’re now at the Jets 46-yard line with 10 seconds left. With all the issues the Jets defense has, particularly in the secondary, Williams calls a full-blown blitz leaving a novice cornerback alone with the Raiders fastest receiver, Henry Ruggs. The outcome is a simple toss and capture to Ruggs in stride for the video game winning rating. I could comprehend calling a full-blown blitz when the Raiders remain in their own area, however what the hell occurred here? Call an avoid defense or have your men protect the endzone, something besides a full-blown blitz. Williams was fired the next day and truly so. Perhaps this boneheaded play-call will be the last straw to state he should not be anywhere near a sideline once again.

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