Videoscope analysis of a Neanderthal skeleton exposes comprehensive oral details


IMAGE: A picture of the skull, integrated with an information of the taste buds, with the maxillary teeth noticeable.
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Credit: Soprintendenza ABAP per la Città metropolitana di Bari.

Short Article Title: In situ observations on the dentition and mouth of the Neanderthal skeleton from Altamura (Italy)

Financing: This work was supported by Ministero dell’ Istruzione, dell’ Università e della Ricerca, PRIN 2015 grant to G.M., J.M.-C. and D.M., number 2015WPHSCJ, The Soprintendenza A.B.A.P. per la città metropolitana di Bari (previously Soprintendenza Archeologia per la Puglia); the “G. Sergi” Museum of Sociology (Sapienza University of Rome) and the Museo delle Civiltà (area “L. Pigorini”, Rome) approved access to fossil specimens. The business Olympus (Olympus Italia S.r.l. and Olympus Europe) supplied the endoscopic devices. DentaForm S.r.l. (Pistoia, Italy) supplied the WANDERER ™ Pro 2 X-ray system and the KaVo ScanXam ™. The funders had no function in research study style, information collection and analysis, choice to release, or preparation of the manuscript.

Contending Interests: The authors have actually stated that no completing interests exist.

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