United States governmental election timeline: Congress has the next– and last– vote. Here’s how it works

The time for President Donald Trump’s duplicated unwarranted claims of scams is over, however that does not imply the drama has actually ended. Legislators follow an antiquated timeline set out the Constitution and United States law to make Biden president.
Simply as then-Vice President Biden oversaw the counting of electoral votes that gave Trump the White House in 2017, now it will be Vice President Mike Pence, Trump’s faithful soldier these last 4 years, who will reveal the vote tally that formally makes Biden the winner. Read more about that here.

And Republicans will need to pick how deeply they wish to follow Trump into his bunny hole of conspiracy theories.

Legislators will have the capability to raise objections about the vote– much like some Democrats performed in 2017. However while those objections were dismissed quickly in 2017, Republican politician senators could, if they pick, drag the procedure out this year, and require your home and Senate to vote on private points.

The complete timeline is listed below:

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