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Mr Biden’s running mate,

, along with the very first black and the very first Asian American vice-president.

Click or tap on the map listed below to get detailed outcomes.

After Mr Biden was forecasted to win

Kamala Harris, will make history as the first woman vice-president, the count continued in the 4 last states without a predicted winner.

, where Mr Biden has a narrow lead, will go to a recount. Mr Biden likewise leads in

while Mr Trump is ahead in Nevada and Georgia.Arizona The winds of modificationNorth Carolina This map reveals where either the Republicans (red arrows) or Democrats (blue arrows) have actually carried out much better than in 2016.Alaska It is far from a constant photo, with both celebrations acquiring in some locations and losing assistance in others.

Narrow gains for Mr Biden in


and, most importantly,

, sufficed for him to turn those states and win the presidency.Michigan Regrettably for Mr Trump, his gains were focused in states he currently won last time around – for instance fortress such as Wisconsin , Pennsylvania,

and Idaho.Utah How Biden won PennsylvaniaArkansas With almost all of the votes in Pennsylvania counted, Mr Biden has actually been forecasted to reverse Mr Trump’s narrow 2016 win with a narrow win of his own. Tennessee A fortifying of assistance in some locations where the Democrats likewise succeeded in 2016 – especially around Philadelphia in the south east corner – has actually sufficed to create this outcome.

In addition to Pennsylvania, Mr Biden likewise handled to turn 2 other states that Mr Trump won in 2016 –



All 3 of those states had actually been Democrat fortress for years prior to favouring Mr Trump over Hillary Clinton 4 years back.Wisconsin The lead to contextMichigan In the United States electoral system, the lead to each state have a commonly differing influence on the outcome, with states that have actually bigger populations offered more state than those with smaller sized populations.

The map listed below represents each state and the District of Columbia as a square, with its location representing the variety of votes its agents will cast in the electoral college that eventually chooses whether Mr Biden or Mr Trump has actually won the presidency.

It reveals that both the Republicans and the Democrats have actually won their share of bigger and smaller sized states, however Mr Biden has actually now gotten states worth more than the 270 he required to win the presidency.

The essential battlefields

Mr Trump handled to hold back obstacles from Mr Biden in 3 of the 4 greatest battlefield states –



.Texas However the wins in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – worth 46 electoral college votes entirely – have actually sufficed for Mr Biden to win the presidency.Florida High turnoutOhio Initial figures reveal the greatest turnout considering that 1900, with 66.4% of qualified citizens ending up compared to 60.1% in 2016.

As Mr Biden likewise leads the nationwide popular vote on 50.7% to Mr Trump’s 47.5% – a lead of over 4 million votes – this increase in involvement suggests that the president-elect has actually currently gotten more votes than any prospect in United States electoral history – more than 77 million up until now, with the count continuing in some states.

Mr Trump has actually likewise increased his vote tally compared to 2016 by more than 9 million votes, to over 72 million this year. In spite of being forecasted to lose the election, this figure offers him the second-highest variety of votes of any United States governmental prospect.

How Trump kept hold of Florida

Mr Trump has actually been forecasted to win the closely-fought state of Florida, with 51% of the vote compared to Mr Biden’s 48%.

In spite of taking what is usually a bellwether state, Mr Trump stopped working to win a 2nd term in the White Home.

Exit survey approximates put Mr Trump on a 61% share of the white vote in Florida.

Mr Biden appears to have actually comprised ground on Hillary Clinton’s efficiency with this group in 2016.

Nevertheless, Mr Trump is likewise approximated to have actually acquired 12 points amongst Latino citizens, bringing him almost level with Mr Biden.

How the outcomes accumulated

Here’s how the map coloured up, from the very first states to be forecasted on election night, to Pennsylvania on Saturday.

This interactive can just show up with Javascript made it possible for.

Animated map: How Joe Biden was forecasted to win the presidency.

Race for the Senate

There will now be another vote, on 5 January 2021, to separate the 2 leading prospects in each race.

Secret information from the exit survey

Exit survey information from throughout the United States offers a look into citizens’ top priorities and a sign of how various group groups cast their tallies.

The figures recommend the percentage of overall citizens who are white has actually fallen by 6 portion points on 2016, while staying the biggest group by ethnic culture.

The percentage of white citizens backing Mr Biden has actually increased by 5 points on Hillary Clinton’s figure at the last election, however Mr Trump still takes the biggest share of this group, the initial ballot recommends.

On The Other Hand, Mr Biden appears to have actually acquired assistance amongst under 30s and the middle-aged.

The exit surveys are performed throughout the United States by Edison Research Study and are a mix of election day interviews and telephone ballot, created to reach early and absentee citizens.

What citizens considered the essential concerns

Nationally, more than a 3rd of citizens stated the economy was the most crucial concern in choosing who to select as president, with a more 20% calling racial inequality and 17% stating the coronavirus pandemic.

Nevertheless the concerns were divided along partisan lines with more than 4 times as lots of Trump citizens stating the economy was the choosing aspect, and Biden citizens addressing racial inequality and the infection.

Citizens were equally divided on how the United States economy was faring, with 48% stating it remained in “outstanding or great” condition and 50% stating it was “not so great or bad”.

Likewise, 50% stated that the United States was doing “rather or extremely terribly” at consisting of the pandemic and 48% believed the nation was doing “rather or effectively”.

The possibility of citizen scams has actually been raised consistently by the Trump project however a big bulk of citizens (87%) informed the scientists they were positive that votes in their state would be counted properly.


The exit surveys are comprised of a nationwide exit survey and 22 state exit surveys which are performed by Edison Research Study for the National Election Swimming Pool (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC).

For the nationwide survey, an overall of 15,590 citizens who cast tallies on Election Day were talked to at 115 ballot locations as they left the ballot locations. This study likewise consists of 4,919 absentee and/or early citizens talked to by telephone.

The information is then weighted to be representative of the population and are changed even more as votes are counted.

All samples are approximations and go through a margin of mistake which will be broader for little sub-groups such as smaller sized ethnic groups.

By Daniel Dunford, Christine Jeavans, John Walton, Ed Lowther, William Dahlgreen and Irene de la Torre Arenas

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