The MagSafe battery pack all of us desire for the iPhone 12 may never ever get here

When Apple revealed its brand-new MagSafe magnetic accessory system for the iPhone 12, we were all believing something: a wise battery pack. Rather, we got a wallet and anunderwhelming portable charger And a brand-new report from Bloomberg states the battery pack Apple is dealing with may never ever come to all.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is certainly dealing with a “magnetically connected battery pack” that would wirelessly charge the iPhone 12 throughout the day. The description of the item recommends it would look comparable to the leather wallet and not cover the entire back of the phone like the previous Smart Battery Case.

Nevertheless, as the iPhone 12 enters its 4th month of accessibility, the concern stays whether the device will really reach racks. According to the report, advancement has actually been besieged with concerns, consisting of “software application concerns such as the iPhone incorrectly suggesting that the pack is overheating” and “concerns associated with a consumer changing in between utilizing the gadget on an iPhone in some cases with and without a case.” Sources informed Bloomberg the device “might eventually be postponed or ditched” due to the continuous issues.”

The report likewise states that reverse cordless charging, which would let the iPhone charge an Apple Watch, is “not likely in the future.” The function was initially reported to get here in the iPhone 11.

Apple formerly ditched the enthusiastic AirPower charging pad due to engineering concerns and didn’t launch a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 12 like it provided for the iPhone XS and 11. Smaller sized third-party business such as Mobile Drip and Charge Fast currently offer MagSafe battery loads for the iPhone 12, however an Apple one would be a welcome addition to its rather underwhelming MagSafe lineup.

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