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The renowned mosaic of Alexander the Great’s success over the Persian forces of Darius III at the Fight of Issus will be restored in public view at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN). The job starts at the end of the month and will continue up until July. A mutlidisciplinary group of specialists will utilize the most recent innovation to study, tidy and save the enormous work of art.

The Alexander Mosaic is thought to be a copy of a Greek painting by Philoxenus of Eretria from the Hellenistic period (late fourth, early 3rd century B.C.). Pliny applauded the operate in his Natural History: “Philoxenus of Eretria, who painted for King Cassander an image representing among the fights in between Alexander and Darius, a work which might bear contrast with any.” (Cassander was king of Macedon from 317 to 297 B.C., which limits the date of the painting.)

The mosaic was found in the flooring of the exedra (an al fresco sitting location) in your home of the Faun in Pompeii in 1832. It was made around 120-100 B.C. and is of unrivaled quality and size, a testimony to the terrific wealth of the owners of your home of the Faun which is the biggest and most elaborately embellished vacation home in the city. The vacation home inhabited a whole insula (city block) and covered a massive 32,000 square feet on 2 floorings. The Alexander mosaic was a centerpiece of a remarkable visual axis down the length of your home, from the HAVE (” welcome”) mosaic on the limit, through the 52-foot length of the atrium, the triclinium (dining-room) and a little peristyle to the exedra that opened to the vacation home’s grand peristyle.

An approximated 1.5 million tesserae in 4 colors (white, yellow, red, blue/black) were organized in great opus vermiculatum design (significance wormlike, for its small sectors organized in swelling unbalanced lines) that utilized color gradations to develop an extremely comprehensive, smooth, reasonable Detail of Alexander. Photo courtesy Museo Archeological Nazionale, Napoli. result. It determines nearly 9-by-17 feet and is 215 square feet in location. There are more than 50 individuals in the melee, with Alexander and Darius taking on above their armies. Alexander is astride his horse Bucephalus, leading the Macedonian cavalry; Darius stands in his chariot, his horses dynamically dealing with the audience as they reverse in retreat.

In 1844, the entire mosaic was raised from the flooring and carried by oxcart to what was then Naples’ Royal Bourbon Museum. They installed it in the flooring where individuals, you understand, strolled on it, so in 1916 it was re-installed on the wall where it has actually been on display screen since. It is a world-famous sign of the museum, of Pompeii and among the most-recognized pictures of Alexander the Great.

The Fight of Issus weighs 7 heaps and recognized problems consist of separating tiles, harmed tiles, vertical and horizontal microfractures, and shifts in the underlay. Previous examinations have actually discovered that much of the wear and tear in the mosaic might be because of the oxidation of the iron supports and deterioration of the mortar utilized to attach the tesserae to the background. It’s heavy weight and vertical positioning put it in a continuous fight with gravity also.

The primary step in the preservation procedure will to combine loose layers or mortar and tiles, doing a light cleansing of the surface area and bandaging all the surface area. The mosaic will then be gotten rid of with a mechanical lifting system custom-made for this task. The whole mosaic will then be analyzed and examined to verify the next actions to take. In Between April and July, the assistance will be supported while the face of the mosaic, safeguarded by planking, will be forecasted onto a wall so conservators can see which location of the mosaic they are dealing with and the general public can see them at work. The last action will be the elimination of the plasters and planking, cleansing, any last combinations and a brand-new protective treatment.


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