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Lots of thanks to everybody who left such thoughtful and helpful discuss Tuesday’s Programs Note, and to everybody who waited with peaceful perseverance for my go back to history blogging.

Even in the middle of the on-going maelstrom, I can state without appointment that I enjoyed working the surveys on election day. It was absolutely nothing however great vibes from my fellow employees and from the citizens. The youngest volunteer was simply 16! He did a fantastic task handling the lines.

Many citizens brought their kids who were so thrilled to see how the procedure works. Some got to move the tally into package for their moms and dads and I ensured they got as numerous “I Voted” sticker labels, which were especially cool and differed this year, as they desired.

After the surveys closed, I experienced and signed the vote count together with 2 other members of the group, and I got rid of all the paper tallies from the tally box for shipment to municipal government. I discovered it truly impacting to be actually elbows deep in the physical symptoms of democracy. And here’s a cool discovery I never ever anticipated or perhaps went into the antechamber of my mind: countless paper tallies smell fantastic. You understand how some coffee table books with thick paper and great ink odor remarkable? It resembled that however a hundred times more powerful.


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