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.Dictionary2012 red wine apart · ments ( noun(* )): A Tokyo residential or commercial property designer began this year on the , a high end apartment building targeted at red wine enthusiasts that will include a white wine bar . and restaurant on the ground flooring, in addition to a 10,000-bottle underground red wine . cellar. The homes are because of be finished in 2013. .Shibuya Shinsen Wine Apartment Project sour · dough ho · tel

.((* )noun): Stockholm’s Urban Deli charges 300 Swedish Krona .( $ 43 )each week at its ( sourdough hotel) where sourdough . beginners are kept with everyday “feedings” of flour and water while their owners leave town for holiday. .surdegshotell broc


co · li guy · date(* )( noun (* )): Throughout oral arguments on the Affordable Care Act, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia notoriously conjured up the principle of the to challenge the constuitutionality of the law: “Everyone needs to purchase food eventually,” he argued. “For that reason, you can make individuals purchase broccoli.” . butt down · ging“broccoli mandate”(

*)): A
. was dealt with for serious alcohol poisoning following an event at the . university’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity home including this technique of . intoxication, the most recent in the record of gastrogrotesquerie (see likewise . “vodka tamponing”). The strategy putting alcohol through a tube into . one’s anus in order to soak up the alcohol quicker than drinking. ul · tra-piz · za ( noun): A pattern towards University of Tennessee student made with extremely unconventional components– from stilton to . shrimp and even licorice– ended up being a topic of debate in Naples, Italy.

po · ta · to move · ment ( noun): As Greece came down into monetary crisis, a brand-new practice emerged, called the pizza . where towns collaborate direct sales of potatoes . and other farming items from manufacturers to customers. Customers . gain from deep discount rates over market prices, and manufacturers advantage by . being paid right away for their products.

buzz bars ( noun): “potato movement,” The

Indianapolis Star kept in mind the development of , coffeehouses serving alcohol in addition to coffee. It’s a pattern that might remove nationawide as Starbucks started piloting a program including beer, red wine, and little plates. pink slime ( nounbuzz bars): Meat processors came under attack for the practice of blending this protein-rich beef item (which they would choose be called “lean carefully textured beef”) into hamburger meat.“Starbucks Evenings” foie · kage charge

( noun): When California’s restriction on foie gras worked this summertime (” foiemageddon”), some dining establishments objected by utilizing a loophole in the law to charge a (comparable to a corkage charge for red wine) to prepare liver bought in another state. See likewise: “duckeasies,” a spin on prohibition-era speakeasies.

a · pork ·fee a

· lypse( noun ): Worries of an around the world scarcity of bacon in 2013 blew up in social networks following the dissemination of a report by the UK’s National Pig Association declaring heavy dry spell conditions in Europe had actually so ruined corn and soybean feed crops .
that a decrease of
production was unavoidable.

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