The Editor-Approved Method to Use Declaration Sneakers

Justine Carreon keeps in mind the very first set of tennis shoes she acquired. “I used the very same set of slip-on Vans every day of my sophomore year in high school,” ELLE’ s senior style market editor shares. The combination she endured repeat: a set of worker denims, a studded belt, and “not-so-vintage” band tees sourced at the shopping center. “My tennis shoes were so used down that I might stick my whole foot out through a four-inch hole that ripped at the joint where the material satisfies the rubber sole,” she remembers. Today, that classic skater visual stays a prominent part of her closet.

Nowadays, Carreon’s still using Vans however with a somewhat less scruffy ambiance. And with spring around the corner– a season she calls as “goldilocks tennis shoe weather condition”– she’s providing her California-cool perceptiveness to assist you discover your ideal set of tennis shoes and prepare some browses them. (She’s initially from the Bay Location and is presently hanging out at house with her moms and dads and bros, who likewise occurred to picture this story.)

I’m a huge fan of convenience, however I do not let that stop me from getting odd with my design.

” I’m a huge fan of convenience, however I do not let that stop me from getting odd with my design,” she shares. She follows a pick-your-shoes-first approach for preparing clothing, which works like a beauty. “To me, tennis shoes are constantly the structure for producing an appearance that does not jeopardize who I am, or my foot health.”

Above all else, Carreon sees the ideal tennis shoes as a convenience option. “It’s more of a feel than how it looks,” she states. “It does not attempt too tough and discovers as genuine to your real design.” Though she jokes that her early days of sneaker-wearing were stimulated by a desire to make street cred with the sneakerhead skaters, Carreon’s existing collection of tennis shoes match her positive, do not- take-yourself-too-seriously design.

Ahead, learn what all the difficulty over tennis shoes has to do with as she puts 3 declaration sets from DSW to the test for spring.


Jeremiah Carreon

If you have actually been putting clothing together enough time, you understand that neutrals are the simplest color combination to construct a clothing around– especially white tennis shoes. “They provide you sufficient wiggle space to experiment,” Carreon discusses. “These Nikes are the fresh start that lets me get a little odd with shapes or wild prints.”

She paired hers with a chunky knit and pleated midi skirt, an unforeseen duo. “I have actually been streaming a series recently and there’s a character who uses tennis shoes with actually whatever– tweed service skirt sets, matches, mini gowns, whatever. She’s been a significant source of motivation when it pertains to stabilizing stylish shoes with more womanly shapes,” Carreon states.




Jeremiah Carreon

311 Tennis Shoe

New Balance

$ 64.99.

You have actually most likely wearied of hearing how to use your sweatpants well over the course of the pandemic– the web’s efforts to connect stay-at-home orders to loungewear often seems like overkill. Nevertheless, if you’re up for another idea, Carreon has a strong concept: a set ofNew Balance sneakers “Using sweats with a fresh set of tennis shoes makes me feel a lot less like a slob,” she states. “Tip: brilliant white tube socks immediately refurbish an athleisure appearance, as does including gold hoop earrings (a technique I took from an ELLE cover star).”

Beyond the sweats, Carreon likewise differs the anticipated head-to-toe cozies and includes a couple of declaration pieces. “I’ll contrast my sweat set with more street design pieces like a declaration coat or a puffer vest,” she includes.


Jeremiah Carreon

Ward Platform High-Top Tennis Shoe

” As a Californian and a passionate web surfer, skate culture has actually constantly affected how I dress, although I consider myself to be more of a skater groupie than a real skater,” Carreon states. So it’s not a surprise that expert skaters are working as her design motivation nowadays. This visual translates to Carreon’s spring looks through slouchy shapes and a set ofhigh-top Vans

” Recently, I have actually been gravitating towards saggy ‘menswear’ pieces– the distinction of menswear vs. womenswear is approximate, IMO– so this argyle cardigan is unisex,” she keeps in mind. “I took these pants from my daddy, and these Vans are tennis shoes you can see on actually anybody.”



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