Thailand prohibits food, beverage, papers and publications on domestic flights

( CNN)– In an effort to stem the tide of the coronavirus, Thailand has actually prohibited food, beverage and any printed products aside from security details cards on board domestic flights. The airline companies will need to follow the guidelines or might deal with possible charge from their regulator, Civil Air travel Authority of Thailand.

This is the 2nd time that such a relocation has actually been taken. Thailand formerly prohibited in-flight food and beverage service on April 26, 2020, however than restriction was raised on August 31.

Chula Sukmanop, Director General to Civil Air Travel Authority of Thailand (CAAT), verified the step to CNN.

” Cleansing time after each stop of domestic flight is very brief, considering that operators tend to do the quickest turn-around as possible and I believe it is not likely operators would have the ability to completely clean up all of these products. For that reason, having non-essential reading products on-board would produce more threat of infection direct exposure,” he stated.

That does not indicate that travelers will need to discover a method to pass the time throughout the flight without any reading product. They are enabled to bring their own publications or papers on board, however they will likely be asked to take those products with them when they deplane. The CAA restriction uses to anything that would be given out on board, like menus, duty-free brochures (not a problem for domestic travel) or in-flight publications.

The intake of food or beverage is likewise forbidden on domestic flights, even if travelers bring it on board, as masks should be used at all times.

According to a release from the CAAT, cabin team will be enabled to offer water if travelers ask for it, which can occur in circumstances where, for instance, somebody requires water to take medication.

Domestic flight in Thailand is presently at about 40% of the normal capability.

The judgment entered into impact on December 31.

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