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  • 6 – Sufficient to Purchase On Sale
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Rate: $ 199

The Razer Hammerhead Pro earbuds in front of the case
Cameron Summerson

If you took Razer’s Hammerhead real cordless earbuds and provided includes discovered on the business’s over-ear Opus headphones, you ‘d get the Hammerhead Pro. These earbuds are the lovechild of what Razer has actually been working towards with its audio video game over the last 18 months approximately, however it’s a difficult market out there. The concern is: Can they take on killer alternatives from business like Apple and Jabra?

Here’s What We Like

  • Excellent sound quality with THX accreditation
  • Extremely comfy
  • Numerous types and sizes of pointers consisted of

And What We Do Not

  • Less than excellent ANC compared to some other alternatives
  • Not a fantastic worth
  • No cordless charging

Note: They’re really called the “Hammerhead True Wireless Pro,” however that’s simply excessive, so I’m calling them the Hammerhead Pro in this evaluation.

Simply put: perhaps. They’re great, however not excellent … and they’re definitely not advanced. Like the Opus, these are THX licensed. They likewise have ANC to shut out sound and Ambient Mode so that you can hear what’s going on around you. None of these functions are really excellent– however they’re all respectable.

However here’s the important things: There’s some stiff competitors in the market of real cordless earbuds today. At $199, these are priced in the premium market, which is a difficult location to be for even devoted audio producers, much less a business that isn’t actually understood for putting out killer audio devices. To me, these have to do with as middle-of-the-road as a set of premium earbuds can be– they’re great, however I need to question if that suffices any longer.

Let’s speak about it.

Making a Case for the Case

The Razer logo etched into the top of the case
Cameron Summerson

You wish to hear something unusual? Restraining with Razer’s more consumer-and-less-gamer focus for some current items, this is the most downplayed case I have actually ever seen– well, aside from the AirPods/AirPods Pro. That needs to be unusual for Razer, a business understood for bright-ass green and RGB whatever However this case? Nah. It’s black. Like, that’s it. The only logo design is on the top, and even that’s simple to miss out on.

Typically, I’m everything about that. I like very little things, particularly when it’s flat black. However I ‘d likewise be lying if I stated this case didn’t look a little … generic. Due to the fact that it does. If somebody simply commended me, I ‘d believe it was some knockoff brand name up until I opened it up and saw the triple snake logo design on the ‘buds themselves.

The Razer Hammerhead Pro earbuds with a focus on the touchpad and Razer triple snake logo
The logo design is the touchpad. Cameron Summerson

Now, is that a huge offer? Nah. It’s great. If you’re purchasing your earbuds based upon how the case looks, well, you’re purchasing them for the incorrect factors, kid. However a minimum of Razer offers cases for the case, so you can put the case in a case– with a little additional flare, too.

So yeah, the case. Plain. Uninteresting. There’s a little LED on the front for the charging indication, and a USB-C port on the bottom for, uh, charging. No cordless charging here, which is sort of a disappointment– after getting utilized to that function on the AirPods Pro, Skullcandy Indy Fuel, and Jabra Elite 85t, plugging earbuds in to charge them feels nearly antiquated. Wireless charging, with its sluggish( er than wired charging) rates, was made for things like this. At $199, I want to have actually seen it here.

When it comes to the size, it’s excusable. It’s a bit larger than the AirPods Pro case however smaller sized than the Skullcandy Indy Fuel. It’s quite near the Jabra Elite 85t case, though a little thinner. In general, the size isn’t bad– it’s pocketable, which is actually the only thing that matters.

It’s great.

” Crafted for Convenience”

Razer declares that the Hammerhead Pro are “crafted for convenience,” and I’ll provide that. These are amongst the most comfy earbuds I have actually ever used. Now, make certain you check out that properly: They are amongst the most comfy. They’re still not the most comfy. However they take 2nd location (The Jabra Elite 85t still win very first).

A focus on the oval tip of the Hammerhead Pro with other tips surrouding
The oval-shaped pointer is excellent. Cameron Summerson

Unlike the initial Hammerhead buds, the Pro design has what you ‘d anticipate from earbuds with “Pro” in the name: adjustable ear pointers. Razer is going all in on the “crafted for convenience” thing here, too, due to the fact that it features 7 various sets of pointers. There are 3 enters package: SecureSeal, SmoothComfort, and even Comply Foam pointers. The very first 2 can be found in 3 sizes each (little, medium, and big), however the Comply pointers just are available in medium. So if you have huge ol’ earholes like yours really, the Comply pointers will not work for you.

And you may be asking yourself, “However Camera, how will I understand which pointers work for me? What if I use the incorrect ones for all of eternity and wind up with an awful experience?” Well, pals, here’s where to discover the response: the Hammerhead app. In the app, there’s a “Fit Test,” which– yeah, you thought it– evaluates the fit of the buds. It’s a fascinating sort of test, too.

The Razer Hammerhead Pro earbuds with all the tips
Take A Look At all them pointers. Simply take a look at ’em. Cameron Summerson

It plays a brief beat, and I presume it determines the ‘buds action utilizing the internal mic. From there, it informs you if the buds have a great fit (read: an appropriate seal) or not. For me, it took the large-sized pointers to get a bargain, however I was anticipating that given that the Hammerhead Pro utilizes oval-shaped pointers comparable to the outstanding Jabra Elite 85t. While I require the bigger pointers in general with that shape, it’s a lot more comfy than even round pointers for me.

So yeah, they nail the “crafted for convenience” bit. They’re certainly comfy, even for prolonged listening.

Nevertheless, what’s not as comfy are the touch controls. I believe that touch controls on earbuds aren’t excellent– I choose physical, soft-touch buttons. I have actually inadvertently activated functions on the Hammerhead Pro when changing the fit more times than I care to confess throughout this evaluation duration, which drives me definitely bonkers.

I’m Torn on the Noise Quality

As I stated previously, the Hammerhead Pro are THX Licensed. However I seem like Razer leveraged whatever on that accreditation due to the fact that it’s actually the only method they really sound great. If you pack up the customized EQ (more on that in a bit) and set it to flat, they sound really bad.

The majority of earbuds are crafted with a flat EQ, so it’s unusual to toss a set into my headholes that isn’t created that method, due to the fact that if I attempt to call in a customized EQ, it does not seem like I anticipate it to. I’m simply grateful the THX licensed EQ setting sounds great by itself.

A screenshot of the Hammerhead Pro app's main screenA screenshot of the EQ presetsA screenshot of the flat EQ.

Because that’s how Razer planned for these to be utilized, that’s likewise how I invested the majority of my evaluation time. In general, the sound quality is respectable– these little ‘buds can producing some major noise. I ‘d state they remain in my leading 5 preferred ‘buds for sound quality today– though they disappoint the Jabra Elite 85t, which truthfully isn’t unexpected. Because evaluation, I called the 85t “the brand-new criteria,” so this stands to factor.

The general balance of the ‘buds is still rather great, although I want that they had a bit more zest If I ‘d never ever heard the Elite 85t, then they would’ve ranked greater for me, however in a direct contrast, the 85t are so much fuller and more alive. However if you’re trying to find great sound quality and do not desire the 85t for some factor, the Hammerhead Pro aren’t a bad option.

There’s likewise an adjustable EQ, which is a brand-new thing here. Among my grievances versus the Opus was that you could not personalize the EQ, so I’m grateful to see that as a choice here. It’s not rather as helpful as some other alternatives I have actually utilized where you can begin with a pre-programmed and personalize from there– you need to begin with a Flat EQ– however it’s still good nevertheless. It’s likewise 10-band, so you can actually call in the noise.

However there are likewise a couple of presets to select from. The default is THX, however there’s likewise Magnified, Improved Bass, Vocal, and Improved Clearness. There’s a substantial volume increase with the Improved Bass setting, which is both disconcerting and complicated. Like, why does the volume dive a lot for this setting? The setting is great in general, however the volume dive is not.

In General, the Hammerhead Pro sound great, however not excellent– a minimum of in the world of likewise priced earbuds. Truthfully, if you can live without ANC or openness modes, you can get likewise great sound quality for half the rate.

A screenshot of the fit test A screenshot post-fit testA screenshot of the customizable mapping options

However if you desire ANC and Ambient Mode, you’ll get them here. Like nearly whatever else about the Hammerhead Pro, these functions are great– they’re great, however not excellent. The ANC does not shut out as much sound as other earbuds I have actually attempted. That consists of the Jabra Elite 75t, which got ANC as an upgrade The Hammerhead Pro’s ANC function shuts out some ambient sound, however I was still able to hear a fan running in my workplace with the function allowed– this is a sound most other headphones/earbuds quickly shut out nearly completely.

The Ambient Mode function is much better, as it offers a quite natural experience. It’s much better than nearly every other transparent mode function I have actually personally utilized– conserve for the AirPods Pro. Jabra’s HearThrough function is likewise similar, however I believe the Hammerhead Pro really bests it due to the fact that it does not shift to another, comparable function when on telephone call the method the Jabras do. So for that, I praise Razer.

To toggle in between ANC on, ANC off, and Ambient Mode, you utilize the earbuds’ touch controls. However whenever you change in between modes, it cuts any audio that’s playing to make the proper statement (e.g. “ANC on”), which is quite frustrating due to the fact that it’s so extreme. I do not mind the audio timely in itself, however eliminating anything that’s playing is quite obnoxious. It likewise appears like it takes it permanently to understand throughout– the voice timely s p e a k s s l o w l y.

Conclusion: An Excellent Set of Earbuds, however Still a Tough Offer

The Razer Hammerhead Pro earbud case in another caseq
The case for the case is flashier than the case without any case. Cameron Summerson

Evaluations like this one are the hardest to compose due to the fact that the Hammerhead Pro is such a middle-of-the-road item. It’s a great set of buds, do not get me incorrect– most likely in my leading 5 for the year– however there’s absolutely nothing that actually makes them stand apart. You can improve earbuds, like the Jabra Elite 85t, for simply a bit more cash, which is what I ‘d advise doing. If you’re currently investing $200, you may also invest $230 and get the very best out there.

However for a lot less, you can likewise get buds that sound nearly as great if you do not mind doing without ANC and Ambient Mode. That’s what makes the Hammerhead Pro so tough to evaluate– they do not provide the very best function set or the very best worth.

They’re great. However they’re not excellent. Which’s simply not a great location to be in the real cordless earbud market.

Here’s What We Like

  • Excellent sound quality with THX accreditation
  • Extremely comfy
  • Numerous types and sizes of pointers consisted of

And What We Do Not

  • Less than excellent ANC compared to some other alternatives
  • Not a fantastic worth
  • No cordless charging

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