Russian coach Oleg Lapkin died

On August 19th, 2020, at the age of 80, three-time World champ, numerous European and USSR champ, USSR Honoured Coach Oleg Lapkin died.

Lapkin dedicated his entire life to the Shooting. At the start of his sports profession he was an effective professional athlete and for twelve years (1961 – 1973) has actually belonged to the USSR National group where he won at the World and European Champions, set World records in Rifle shooting.

In 1974 Oleg Lapkin began training. From that minute till 1992 he was the Senior Coach of the USSR National Rifle&& Handgun group, and after that for a year– Senior Coach of the Russian National group. Thanks to his training skill and effort he was designated as the Head Coach of the Russian National Rifle&& Handgun group in 1993 and has actually been training till 2007. Throughout his training profession from 1976 to 2004 Oleg Lapkin prepared members of National group for 8 Olympic Games.

Among his most effective trainees is the Olympic champ Artem Khadjibekov. They produced the world well-known SCATT shooting simulator.

ISSF grieves together with the shooting neighborhood and reveals its most genuine acknowledgements to the friends and family of Oleg Lapkin.


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