Russian airline company designates airplane seats for guests who decline to use masks

( CNN)– Russian airline company Aeroflot has actually revealed it will designate particular seats on board its aircrafts for guests who decline to use masks.

” It is seriously essential for us to make sure the security of all guests,” Yulia Spivakova, a spokesperson for the airline company, stated in a declaration.

Aeroflot, which is Russia’s biggest airline company and nationwide flag provider, has a policy that tourists should use masks while boarding and while on the airplane, unless they are consuming, drinking or altering masks.

Nevertheless, it appears that some guests are not following these standards. And since an airplane can’t simply drop in midair and toss out an angering guest, Aeroflot has actually designated specific seats on each flight for tourists who can not or will not follow the mask policy.

“[This] does not omit the application of other steps of liability for offense of the guidelines for making use of individual protective devices on board,” Spivakova included.

Mask using policies on aircrafts differ throughout the world and specific providers typically make their own guidelines. Much of the concern on implementing these policies is passed onto flight attendants.

Russia is not the only nation where mask guidelines on board planes has actually ended up being a problem.

In the United States, numerous prominent occurrences have actually happened on flights where guests declined to use masks. In July 2020, a Southwest Airlines flight returned to the gate at Denver International Airport when a scuffle happened in between numerous guests, among whom declared it was their “Constitutional right” not to use one.
Since August of this year, Delta Air Lines revealed that it had actually set up nearly 250 lifetime bans on tourists who had actually declined to mask up.

Aeroflot has actually not revealed whether it will execute long-lasting restrictions or other penalties for guests who decline to keep their masks on throughout the flight. However separating them to a particular area of the airplane might rather minimize the possibility that an un-masked tourist might pass the coronavirus on to among their seatmates.

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