NYU Abu Dhabi scientist sheds brand-new light on the psychology of radicalization

Abu Dhabi, UAE, February 22, 2021: Knowing more about what inspires individuals to sign up with violent ideological groups and take part in acts of ruthlessness versus others is of terrific social and social value. New research study from Assistant Teacher of Psychology at NYUAD Jocelyn Bélanger checks out the concept of ideological fascination as a type of addicting habits that is main to comprehending why individuals eventually take part in ideological violence, and how finest to assist them break this dependency.

In the brand-new research study, The Sociocognitive Processes of Ideological Obsession: Review and Policy Implications which appears in the journal Philosophical Deals of the Royal Society B, Bélanger draws from proof gathered throughout cultures and ideologies to explain 4 procedures through which ideological fascination puts people on a course towards violence.

The very first is ethical disengagement: ideological fascination shuts down ethical self-regulation procedures, which permits dishonest habits to occur without self-recrimination. The 2nd is hatred: ideologically consumed people are ego-defensive and quickly threatened by info that slams their beliefs, which results in higher hatred and possibly violent retaliation. Third, ideological fascination modifications individuals’s social interactions, triggering them to gravitate towards similar individuals – networks– who support their violent thinking. And lastly, these people are vulnerable to mental reactance, that makes them unsusceptible to interactions that try to discourage them from violence.

” As we look for methods to avoid and fight violent radicalization, we need to comprehend this habits as a dependency to an ideology, rooted in a sensation of lack of individual significance,” stated Belanger. “Typical methods, like attempting to offer info that counters somebody’s despiteful ideology, are not just useless, however frequently disadvantageous. To guide individuals far from ideologically-motivated violence, we need to concentrate on their mental requirements, such as significance and belonging, and assisting them obtain richer, more rewarding, and better-balanced lives.”


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