NTU Singapore research study recommends link in between word options and extraverts

A research study by a group of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) psychologists has actually discovered a link in between extraverts and their word options.

The finding highlights the requirement for more powerful linguistic indications to be established for usage in online character forecast tools, which are being quickly embraced by business to enhance digital marketing techniques.

Today, marketing business utilize predictive algorithms to assist them anticipate what customers desire based upon their online behaviours. Business are likewise eager to utilize information and artificial intelligence to comprehend the mental elements of customer behaviour, which can not be observed straight, however can offer important insights about how to enhance targeted marketing.

For instance, an ‘extravert customer’ may be drawn in to marketing messages that match their character, and retail brand names might then select to target such customers by utilizing more extraverted and innovative language to promote their items.

Nevertheless, character forecast tools offered today that are utilized by marketing companies are not completely precise due to an absence of in theory sound styles.

Principal private investigator of the research study, Partner Teacher Lin Qiu from the Psychology program at the NTU School of Social Sciences stated, “Present maker discovering algorithms for character forecast can appear like a black box – there are lots of linguistic indications that can be consisted of in their style, however a number of them depend on the kind of computer system application utilized. This might result in predispositions and overfitting, a mistake impacting the efficiency of the maker discovering algorithms. This pleads the concern – how should we produce robust and precise character forecasts?”

The research study discovered a corelation in between extraverts and their propensity to utilize specific classifications of words. The outcomes revealed a little strength of relationship in between extraversion and using “favorable feeling words” and “social procedure words”.

Favorable feeling words are specified by psychologists – utilizing text analysis tools – as words that explain an enjoyable emotion, such as ‘love’, ‘delighted’, or ‘blessed’, or that show positivity or optimism, such as ‘gorgeous’ or ‘great’. Social procedure words consist of words consisting of individual pronouns other than ‘I’, and words revealing social objectives, such as ‘satisfy’, ‘share’ and ‘talk’.

” This is the very first time a relationship has actually been developed in between extraverts and their propensity to utilize the 2 classifications of words. As it is a little connection, our company believe that more powerful linguistic indications are required to enhance maker discovering methods, in the middle of increasing interest in such tools in customer marketing,” Assoc Prof Qiu stated.

The NTU group stated the findings, which was released in the Journal of Research Study in Character in December 2020, can offer online marketers with well-founded linguistic predictors for the style of artificial intelligence algorithms, enhancing the efficiency of software application tools for character forecast.

How the research study was performed

Previous specific research studies examined by the NTU group have actually revealed that extraversion, or the basic propensity to experience favorable feelings and delight in social interactions, relates to using words explained by psychologists as “favorable feeling” or “social procedure” words. However the strength of this reported relationship has actually differed considerably in between the various research studies exploring it.

To develop the efficiency of such linguistic predictors, the NTU group examined 37 research studies taking a look at the very same subject to carry out a meta-analysis. Extraversion was figured out utilizing globally identified character type surveys.

Progressing, the NTU research study group will examine the relationship in between extraversion and other word classifications.

While artificial intelligence and predictive analytics can offer business and online marketers with an included benefit in their organization techniques, more idea should be taken into the style of such analytical designs, the NTU research study group stated.

They hope their work will offer clearness on the kinds of words that can assist direct the advancement of more precise artificial intelligence tools for character forecast.


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Paper entitled “A meta-analysis of linguistic markers of extraversion: Favorable feeling and social procedure words”, released in the Journal of Research Study in Character, Volume 89, December 2020. .

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