‘Nendran’ banana to cruise to London market

Kerala’s famous ‘Nendran’ bananas are all set to be delivered to London in March next year.

The trial export to London remains in accordance with the sea-shipment procedure of the Veggie and Fruit Promo Council, Keralam (VFPCK), a business developed to cause total advancement of the vegetables and fruit sector in the State.

The strategy is to provide the Nendran bananas to London in 20-25 days through an export firm in the State.

In the very first stage, a container (10 tonnes) of Nendran bananas will be delivered. If effective, the endeavor will open foreign markets for Kerala’s items in the sector.

From 10 farmers

The Nendran bananas needed for export will be obtained from 10 farmers in Thrissur. The bananas from saplings planted in July this year will be collected in February 2021 and exported.

The onus is on the VFPCK to acquire, shop, and make arrangements for the export of the crop.

The fruits will be collected at 80 to 85% maturity (prior to ripening). The lots will be sliced at the farm itself prior to being provided to the packaging home.

After the pre-cooling and cleansing procedures, they will be saved.

Quality element

It will be guaranteed that the fruits do not have any discolorations or damage. They will be then dehumidified, crammed in containers, and saved in unique containers to manage temperature level and humidity. The packaging procedure will be recorded to guarantee item dependability through a transparent traceability system and QR coding system.

Loading home

Depending upon the success, items from Kerala will be branded and exported to more nations. A packaging home has actually been established at Kammanam in Wayanad to promote exports. The building of a packaging home at Pariyaram in Thrissur is nearing conclusion. A comprehensive job proposition is likewise being prepared to establish a veggie agro park in Idukki.

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