Muslim Teenager Defies Custom to End Up Being First Hijab-Wearing Ballerina


With an imagine ending up being the very first hijab-wearing Muslim ballerina, 14-year-old Stephanie Kurlow just recently introduced a fundraising page in the hopes of gathering more than $7,000 so she can get her accreditation to open a carrying out arts program in her native Sydney due to the fact that, she has actually stated, “I do not desire particular individuals who are inequitable to hold anybody back from attaining their dreams and being distinct.”

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Her strategies, as detailed on her charity event page, are as enthusiastic as her pirouettes. “I intend on bringing the world together by ending up being the really first Muslim ballerina so that I can motivate many other individuals to think in themselves and pursue their dreams,” Kurlow composed. “My dream is to train in a full-time ballet school catered for aiming girls who wish to train 30-45 hours a week so they can end up being an expert ballerina.”

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Stephanie Kurlow (Image: Facebook/Stephanie Kurlow)

The objective is so essential to her, the teen informed the New York Daily News Tuesday due to the fact that she desires “to share the charm of the incredible ballet art kind and motivate other youths who possibly do not feel so positive to follow their dreams due to the attire they use, religions or absence of chances.”

Religious beliefs briefly came in between her and her precious ballet in 2010 when she transformed to Islam with her 2 siblings, Australian dad, and Russian-born mom. Prior to that she had actually been dancing given that age 2 and carrying out with the Riverside Theatre. “Whatever made good sense for me in Islam,” Kurlow stated. “I like to be modest and I like to keep my self-respect. I like to understand the function of my life. I like to live a healthy way of life and prevent damaging things.” However due to the fact that some rigorous Muslims prohibited dancing, and she battled with reconciling her tutu with her hijab, Kurlow put away her slippers.


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” We believed there were no assistances or services targeted at Muslim ladies,” she stated. Her helpful mom, nevertheless, began a dance program– the Australian Nasheed and Arts Academy– 2 years later on that altered all that. “When there was no place for me to study ballet due to my clothing, [my mom] opened a carrying out arts academy that taught ballet, martial arts and aboriginal arts classes for ladies like me, where nobody concerns kids why they dress or look a particular method,” she stated.

Now she wishes to do the exact same. “I think that a person day all kids and youths will have a chance to carry out and produce, without compromising their worths, beliefs or looks, and my project is one action better to attaining this,” she stated. The sport, Kurlow contributed to the Daily News, is a lot more than simply an activity: “Dancing resembles flying for me. It makes me do not hesitate.”


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The hijab too is more than simply a headscarf. It “belongs of who I am, and represents the stunning religious beliefs that I enjoy,” she stated, including that it “covers my body, however not my mind, heart and skill.”

And though she has critics, she will not let them stop her. “I have actually gotten those appearances or those little whispers from individuals stating that I can’t do it, and there are some parts of the ballet world that just see me for the clothing I use, or the beliefs I have,” Kurlow informed theSydney Morning Herald “However this indicates whatever to me. I believe I can bring individuals together through dance.”

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