Machaca Guisada (Northern Mexican Braised Dried Beef) Dish

[Photographs: Jillian Atkinson]

Machaca guisada is a beef stew common of Northern Mexico’s Sonoran food. It’s made from dried beef called machaca, which is simmered with tomatoes, onion, chiles, and cilantro till rehydrated and tender. Typically, machaca is made by marinading and salting strips or pieces of beef and after that drying them in the sun till they accomplish a jerky-like texture; they are then pounded into little, fluffy bits that are quickly contributed to a range of meals, like this stew.

This variation of machaca guisada is extremely easy and simple. It was developed to be made with homemade machaca, however if you discover yourself in a rush, you must have the ability to discover pre-made machaca at your regional Mexican market in plans bearing the names machaca, machacada de res, or carne seca de res.

The crucial to this stew is to discover the ripest, juiciest tomatoes you can– they offer the majority of the braising liquid required to rehydrate the machaca. If you discover yourself with with under-ripe tomatoes, you can include a little beef or chicken stock to keep the tomatoes and machaca simply immersed as the stew simmers.

Serve it with refried beans and flour tortillas, or as a filling for Mexican-style burritos.

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