Life’s Abundance Review – More Than Just Pet Food!

A third party review of Life’s Abundance, a company offering three different product categories: people, planet and pets. The company was founded by Dennis and Carol Berardi in 1999. It was originally called Trilogy International, Inc. In the year 2005, George and Cris Jochum became majority shareholders in the company. They have ensured the positive growth of the company. The company changed its name to Life’s Abundance in October 2010.

Life’s Abundance Products

Products for people

Life’s Abundance Revitalizing Clay Mask – This is a soothing clay mask that is formulated using a Volcanic Ash Clay formula. This clay mask enhances your complexion due by firming and exfoliating the skin.

Sealogix – Fish oil supplements that offer a high level of quality.

Products for the planet

Environmentally friendly cleaning products -Pet and child-safe deodorizer and floorwash concentrate.

Products for pets

Premium pet food – Nutritious pet food and supplements made with high quality ingredients.

Pet products – Pet care products such as shampoo, conditioning mist, soothing mist and ear care formula.

The pet products are the most prominent in Life’s Abundance product line-up. Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM oversees the pet product development. She is nationally recognized for her veterinary nutritional/alternative medicine, as well as for her viewpoints on the natural treatment of animals.

Is the pet food too expensive?

Some people question the cost of the pet food. They wonder if it is worth it. Currently, the price for an 8 lb. bag of Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies & Adult Dogs is $17.26 (Retail) / $14.46 (Autoship price).

According to various customer testimonials, after switching their pet to Life’s Abundance pet food, they noticed a marked improvement in their pet’s health: improved weight, improved skin condition, softer coat, higher energy levels and the amount of pet waste decreased. These are just a few of the customer testimonials.

The Business Opportunity

Life’s Abundance is a network marketing company and offers 7 different ways to get paid. There are many different bonuses available to boost your earnings as well as the ability to earn retail profits. Their compensation plan has 9 ranks, ranging from a one star to a nine star. By helping your team members become successful, you have the ability to get paid up to nine levels deep.

There are two options for becoming a representative with Life’s Abundance: Basic Field Rep or Executive Field Rep.

When you join as an executive field rep, you will be qualified to earn the recruiting bonus pool, whereas you would not qualify for that bonus if you sign up as a basic field rep. You receive a good amount of products for the Executive Field Rep cost. This is the recommended option for becoming a representative because you will get to try out the products and have samples as well, if needed.

HealthyPetNet Foundation

Dr. Jane Bicks, DVN developed a pet foundation committed to rescuing homeless animals. A portion of every dollar spent by customers and representatives will go to this foundation, assisting homeless and abused animals across the country.

Great for Pet Lovers

Life’s Abundance is very passionate about the health and well-being of pets. For pet lovers, this business opportunity is a great fit. It offers the representative an opportunity to earn a living in an area that interests them, as well as the added bonus of feeding their pet nutritious, natural pet food.

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