Let this strangely precise AI dunk on your Spotify practices

The bot will trigger you to visit with your Spotify account. It assures not to publish or alter anything– it’s just starving for your listening information. After it processes your listening practices and asks a couple of snarky concerns, it spits out a string of mean, unnervingly precise jabs at your taste in music.

The bot informed one member of the Engadget group (who will stay anonymous) that “your Spotify was please-read-my-manuscript-60-dollar-white-tshirt-local-talk-radio-bumper-sticker-bitch bad.” It notified another their listening activity was “kombucha-brewing-too-many-feelings-BTS-is-great-please-dont-ddos-us bad.” Oops.

It shows a string of statistics consisting of one suggesting how standard you are. Even if your musical taste falls mostly outside the mainstream, the AI may say “there’s a factor no one listens to the exact same things as you.” Thanks, bot. Rather of just informing you which tunes you replayed usually, it’ll state that “you listen to these tracks excessive.” It may flag an artist you have actually been listening to typically and ask if you’re alright.

Prior to you begin looking at your shoes and pondering the options you made that resulted in these insults, keep in mind the AI is simply a little enjoyable. That, or it’s a dumb jerk that, like, simply does not get you.

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