Keeping California a powerhouse of almond production


IMAGE: Almond trees are at maturity in late February. A lot of almond fields have 2 or more ranges within the field and need cross pollination by bees.
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Credit: Sat Darshan Khalsa

A preferred healthy treat, almonds are a staple on supermarket racks worldwide. More than 80% of these almonds are grown in California. As irreversible crops, almond trees have distinct requirements and obstacles for farmers.

Sat Darshan Khalsa, a member of the Soil Science Society of America, research studies how almond trees utilize the crucial nutrient nitrogen. He just recently presented his research at the virtual 2020 ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting.

How does farming almonds, thought about a deciduous irreversible crop, vary from a standard crop?

” These crops are a crossway in between farming and forest communities,” Khalsa describes. “Comparable to yearly cropping systems, deciduous irreversible crops like almonds are intensively farmed. They get high inputs of fertilizer and water with high nutrient outputs.”

At the exact same time, crops like almonds are handled under no-till conditions where soil is minimally disrupted. Tilling or digging of any kind would interrupt the trees’ roots. In addition, almond trees shed leaves, grow woody tissue, and go through other procedures comparable to trees in a genuine forest. These all have impacts on carbon, nitrogen, and other nutrient cycles.

These attributes can frequently indicate that nutrients circulation off of the field. They can enter into locations like groundwater aquifers, where they can affect drinking water products for rural neighborhoods. Khalsa’s work has actually attempted to lessen this problem.

” Nitrogen is the main nutrient connected to performance,” he states. “At the exact same time, it’s a crucial toxin that affects air and water quality. Through our work, we can reveal that lots of almond growers in California remain in a great position to continue to be extremely efficient. At the exact same time, they can safeguard, or perhaps enhance, ecological quality.”

Khalsa and his coworkers particularly studied an idea called nitrogen usage performance. It assists farmers balance putting sufficient nitrogen on a field with safeguarding ecological quality. In their research study, they reveal it is possible to have a high level of nitrogen usage performance by utilizing different preservation practices.

Among the preservation methods is called nutrition budgeting. It’s a method where inputs and outputs from a field are exactly determined to attempt to make them as well balanced as possible. They likewise keep track of the nutrients in leaves and soil.

Another strategy is called fertigation, where fertilizer is used through the watering system in an extremely targeted method. This enables it to be exactly determined and timed to fulfill the plants’ requirements. The work of Khalsa’s group can likewise be used to other specialized crops around the globe to assist farmers have a greater earnings while producing healthy food.

” Matching supply and need is the structure of the 4R structure with the objective of enhancing the performance of nutrition management,” Khalsa states. “The 4R structure is: the best fertilizer source at the best rate, at the correct time, in the best location. That’s what will assist us be more effective.”

Difficulties stay in comprehending how crops like almonds cycle nitrogen year to year and how farmers use nitrogen fertilizer. Khalsa likewise states his research study highlights the value of incorporating their research study with details networks, consisting of Qualified Crop Advisers and Cooperative Extension.

Efforts to deal with these farming problems need to concentrate on the desires and requirements of the farmers, growers, and market companies. That sort of work assists promote adoption and develop brand-new research study chances such as evaluating soil health practices in orchards.

Khalsa motivates scientists to keep interest throughout each action of the food worth chain. This enables them to much better comprehend how their research study interests line up with other researchers, policy makers, and people like customers within food and farming markets.

” After years of dealing with plants, soil, and water, I personally believe that through comprehending individuals, we will have the ability to fix the most significant issues,” he states. “Farming plays a vital function in neighborhoods worldwide. I discover no much better method to get in touch with anybody, anywhere than through the food we share.”


Sat Darshan Khalsa is a researcher at the University of California, Davis. This research study was moneyed by the United States Department of Farming California Specialized Crop Block Grants, the Structure for Food and Agricultural Research Study, the California Department of Food and Farming Fertilizer Research Study and Education Program, and the Almond Board of California. .

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