JAXA reveals the sub-surface samples it gathered from asteroid Ryugu

Quickly after Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe returned to Earth, JAXA showed off a few of the samples it gathered from asteroid Ryugu. Those rocks originated from the “A” chamber of the probe’s sample pill, which indicates they were gathered throughout the objective’s very first goal in February 2019. Now, JAXA has released images revealing the contents of the pill’s “C” chamber, which it opened on December 21st.

In JAXA’s tweet, it stated the company opened both chambers “B” and “C.” The “B” chamber is empty given that it wasn’t utilized for collection, however the “C” chamber was utilized to gather samples throughout Hayabusa2’s 2nd goal in July 2019. JAXA fired an explosive into the asteroid prior to the 2nd goal to develop a crater and have the ability to collect samples from much deeper underground. Researchers are hoping that the subsurface samples can use more hints about the planetary system’s development and early duration, given that they had not been exposed to the hash environment of area.

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