ISSF President Vladimir Lisin convened with the Continental Confederations

ISSF President Vladimir Lisin met ISSF Member Federations from Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. For the very first time the conferences were kept in a comparable format, independently for each continent, in order to increase the performance of interaction.

Secretary General Alexander Ratner notified the individuals of the video conferences on activities of ISSF management in 2020 and discussed the coordination of ISSF with the pertinent worldwide companies accountable for holding the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, World University Games, Mediterranean Games, Pan American Games, European Games, and African Games.

In addition, he revealed updates to the calendar for 2021 which were collaborated with the Organizing Committees, and the approval by the Executive Committee of the ISSF Championships calendar for 2022.

The National Federations were revealed the Council choice to cancel the ISSF subscription costs for 2021.

Throughout the conversations in which Presidents of the Continental Confederations participated a focus was put on the application of the Advancement Fund programs which promotes advancement of the shooting sport on the nationwide level. Those programs offer a chance to get assistance for the Member Federations’ activities consisting of education of coaches according to the brand-new format: all finding out products are readily available online on the ISSF site which permits get understanding without need to participate in courses abroad.

The conferences’ individuals talked about the steps essential for the more advancement of Shooting on the continents consisting of the production of the suitable facilities. With this regard a possible brand-new format of a shooting variety developed with reduction of expenses was revealed.

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