Essential choice relating to involvement in Grand Prix in Morocco and World Cup in Egypt

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic numerous nationwide and global shooting sport occasions might not happen in 2020, consisting of the ISSF World Cups in New-Delhi, Munich and Baku in addition to the Junior World Champion in Suhl and the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Thinking about the numerous cancelled competitors in 2020 and the couple of chances to participate in shooting competitors in these times, in coordination with the Organizers of the 2 upcoming ISSF Championships a choice has actually been taken not to use the restriction for the optimum variety of taking part professional athletes from each country for the ISSF Grand Prix Shotgun to be held from 28 January to 6 February 2021 at Rabat, Morocco, and for the ISSF World Cup Shotgun to be held from 22 February to 5 March 2021 at Cairo, Egypt

The objective of this exception is to offer more professional athletes the chance for participating in a top-level competitors in the start of the brand-new season. Please keep in mind that this exception just uses to the optimum variety of 5 professional athletes as set in Post 7.5.4 ISSF General Laws, however that apart from this Post 7.5.4 stays untouched (see the following strong significant requirements of Post 7.5.4 ISSF General Laws):

” In the other ISSF Championships each country can go into an optimum of 5 (5) professional athletes in specific occasions however just 3 (3) of them can be signed up to contend in the Last for the medals. The other 2 (2) can just contend for the ranking points.

For this reason, for instance, if a country gets in 7 (7) professional athletes into the ISSF Grand Prix in Morocco or the ISSF World Cup in Egypt, just 3 (3) of these professional athletes can be signed up to contend in the Last for medals, 2 (2) other professional athletes can be signed up to contend for the 2021 World Ranking points and the staying 2 (2) can just participate in the Credentials without making ranking points. The particular involvement status (medals, ranking points, no ranking points) needs to be plainly suggested together with the registration of the professional athlete.

Even more, if a country gets in more than 2 (2) Mixed Groups or than one (1) Group into the ISSF Championships in Rabat and Cairo, it likewise needs to be plainly suggested at the registration which 2 (2) Mixed Groups or one (1) Group will contend for medals. The additional Mixed Teams and Teams can participate in Credentials just.

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