‘I lost 8 pregnancies in 9 years’

A female who experienced trauma after losing 8 pregnancies in 9 years wishes to assist other bereaved households.

Charlotte Kingsbury, from Lambley, Nottinghamshire, went through years of fertility treatment and brought to life 20-week-old Ansel in the summer season however stated she stays mindful that many moms and dads do not experience that joy.

Charlotte, who works as a HR job officer at the University of Nottingham, has actually raised cash for The Breeze’s centre at Nottingham City Health center, which supports households through pregnancy loss or the death of a child or kid.

She stated she wished to assist other mums access the exact same level of assistance.

If you are impacted by pregnancy associated concerns, aid and assistance is readily available

on the BBC Action Line page.

Video reporter: Chris Waring

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