How to merge your Apple IDs in macOS for Media & Purchases

It’s simple to end up with numerous Apple IDs that you accumulate in time, consisting of for veteran Mac users who initially had a cloud-based account and an iTunes Music Shop account, both of which moved into different Apple IDs. This can be especially difficult to handle with media and purchases, the cumulative classification Apple utilizes for all the things you may purchase from them.

In macOS 10.14 Mojave and earlier, there wasn’t as much openness about which accounts were utilized for which function. You required to release every app with an account associated, like the App Shop and iTunes, and examine account settings. In many cases, you require to go into account settings to examine memberships, too.

mac911 single id apple id pane IDG

The Apple ID pane programs which accounts are utilized for Media & & Purchases. In this example, simply one.

mac911 multiple ids apple id pane IDG

Here, 2 accounts are utilized for Media & & Purchases, and the pane’s popup menu programs which apps are related to which accounts.

Beginning in 10.15 Catalina, macOS reveals a sort of summary in the Apple ID choice pane about how numerous accounts compare versus apps and shops. Click the Media & & Purchases product in the left-hand navigation bar, and the pane exposes what Apple ID or IDs are utilized for which apps. If there’s more than one, the pane shows a pop-up menu.

This luckily provides you the breadcrumbs to follow to merge your logins to a single account. This column from September 2020 on setting on a 2nd Apple ID for media and purchases lists all the apps and menus to utilize to sign out from an existing account and check in with a various one.

Keep In Mind that Apple does not let you move purchases amongst Apple IDs, so changing to a single one will desert any purchases made on the accounts you’re no longer utilizing. If those purchases are synced, attempting to access them usually needs that you get in the password for the associated Apple ID, however in some cases that material will not operate at all.

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