How to switch on Do Not Disrupt in macOS Big Sur

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The Do Not Disrupt location is how you snooze alerts in Huge Sur.

Disabling alerts in macOS is a terrific assistance throughout conferences, whether you’re sharing your screen or attempting to prevent being sidetracked. In macOS Mojave and earlier, you might Option-click the alerts icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to momentarily move into Do Not Disrupt mode.

In macOS 11 Big Sur, Apple moved Do Not Disrupt into a more reasonable place, while still keeping most settings in the Notice choice pane.

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You can choose among numerous periods or forever (Constantly On).

To turn on DND mode:

  1. Click the Nerve Center in the system menu bar.
  2. Click Do Not Disrupt
  3. Choose a period: For 1 Hour, Up until this night, up until tomorrow, or constantly on.

Nevertheless, there’s an even quicker manner in which’s not apparent:

  1. Click the Nerve Center in the system menu bar.
  2. Click the moon icon in the Do Not Disrupt area– there’s no feedback that it’s clickable, however it instantly moves modes.
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Click the non-highlighting target (shown by a red arrow I included for focus) and Do Not Disrupt engages instantly.

You can likewise utilize the scheduling tools formerly readily available in macOS:

  1. Open the Alerts choice pane.
  2. Click the Do Not Disrupt product.
  3. Allow any alternatives you desire here, consisting of a schedule.

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