How to Stop Signal From Informing You When Your Contacts Sign Up With

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When somebody in your contacts register for Signal, you’ll see a message stating that individual signed up with Signal. Now you understand you can call them on Signal. If you ‘d rather not see these notices, you can disable them.

How to Disable Signal’s Contact Sign up with Alerts

Signal utilizes telephone number as addresses you can reach individuals at. When a telephone number in your contacts register for Signal, you’ll see a notice informing you they’re obtainable on Signal. The name connected with that individual originates from the contact details minimized your phone.

To conceal these signals, open the Signal app on your iPhone or Android phone. Tap your profile photo or username initials revealed at the top-left corner of the Signal discussion list.

Tap your profile logo at the top-left of the Signal app.

Tap “Alerts” on the Signal settings menu screen.

Tap "Notifications."

Under Occasions, tap the slider to the right of “Contact Signed Up With Signal” to disable these contact-join notices.

Tap the "Contact Joined Signal" toggle.

That’s it– Signal will not let you understand when your pals, member of the family, colleagues, or other contacts participate the future. The Signal app will still understand, naturally. If you tap the “New Message” icon, you’ll see all your contacts who are on Signal, all set to be gotten in touch with.

Can You Stop Signal From Informing Individuals When You Sign up with?

There’s no other way from avoiding Signal from notifying individuals when you sign up with. If somebody has your telephone number in their contacts, Signal will let them understand that telephone number has actually signed up with Signal. This has absolutely nothing to do with whether you permit Signal access to your own contacts.

The only method to avoid this is touse a secondary phone number Signal is developed to deal with telephone number and to be a user friendly replacement for SMS, which is why it works by doing this. If you desire a chat service that does not utilize telephone number as identifiers– for instance, if you would choose usernames that do not expose your telephone number– Signal isn’t the app for you.

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