How to Make a Driftwood Wreath

Driftwood is any kind of wood that’s cleaned ashore from a body of water, and you can utilize it to make crafts that have a natural feel. If you wish to develop a basic however spectacular decor for your house, you can quickly develop wreaths by gluing pieces of driftwood together. For a timeless circular wreath, begin with a wreath ring as a base to utilize as a guide. If you desire a more freeform shape, you can develop the wreath without a base utilizing the driftwood and glue. When you’re ended up, embellish it nevertheless you wish to match your space’s design!

[Edit] Actions

[Edit] Utilizing a Wreath Ring Base

  1. Hot-glue completion of a burlap roll to a wreath ring. Pick a wreath ring that’s the very same size as what you desire for your end product. Purchase a roll of burlap that’s broad and set completion versus among the wires on the front of the wreath wring. Use a line of hot glue to the end of the burlap and press it versus the wire for 30 seconds so it sets.[1]
    Make a Driftwood Wreath Step 1.jpg
    • You can purchase wreath rings and burlap online or from your regional crafts shop.
    • Wire wreath rings can be found in numerous sizes, so you can make a little or big driftwood wreath.
  2. Wrap the burlap around the wire wreath ring to make it look more natural. Pull the burlap tight so it does not wrinkle and put the roll through the middle of the ring. Bring the burlap around the beyond the ring so it overlaps the very first strip by. Continue covering the burlap around the ring to guarantee there aren’t any noticeable wires or spaces.[2]
    • Put a line of glue every 3– 4 times you go through the center of the ring to guarantee the burlap does not come loose.
  3. Leave a space in between completions of the burlap. Stop covering the burlap around the ring as quickly as there’s just of void left. Cut the burlap off of the roll with a set of scissors and utilize hot glue to protect the loose edge down.[3]
    • The space permits you to hang your wreath without connecting a wire or hook to it in the future.
    • You will have the ability to cover the space from the front with driftwood to hide it. It will just show up from the back.
  4. Sort your pieces of driftwood by their sizes. Gather your own driftwood from beaches, rivers, or coastlines, or purchase bags of driftwood wholesale from a craft shop for your wreath. Arrange the pieces on your work surface area so pieces that are and longer are on one side and anything much shorter is on the opposite. That method you can quickly work from the biggest to tiniest pieces when you make your wreath.[4]
    • You can purchase about 30– 50 pieces of driftwood for around $10 USD.
  5. Set up the biggest pieces on the wreath ring so they do not hang off the edge. Take your pieces that are bigger than and organize them on top of the ring. Position the pieces so their lengths follow the curves of the ring to assist them look cleaner. Attempt to fit the pieces so they do not overhang over the sides of the ring, otherwise you might make it lose its circular shape.[5]
    Make a Driftwood Wreath Step 5.jpg
    • It’s fine if you require to overlap a few of the driftwood pieces on your very first layer.
    • Attempt to cover as much of the burlap as you can with the big pieces so you do not require to complete as numerous spaces.
  6. Protect the driftwood to the burlap with hot glue. Utilize a high-heat glue in your glue weapon so it’s less most likely to melt in the future. Put dots of glue every along the length of a driftwood piece and press it down onto the burlap. Hold the glue for 15– 30 seconds so it has time to dry prior to gluing down the next piece. Continue gluing the remainder of the driftwood pieces down versus the burlap.[6]
    • If the driftwood comes loose while you’re working, reapply more glue and press it back into location.
    • Clean completion of the glue weapon on the driftwood after you release the trigger to assist prevent stringy pieces of glue.
  7. Fill out the spaces with little pieces of driftwood. Start organizing the smaller sized pieces of driftwood on top of the bigger pieces to provide the wreath more depth. Attempt to place the pieces so they cover the most burlap prior to you glue them down with hot glue. Continue working around the whole wreath filling out the biggest spaces initially prior to dealing with the tiniest ones.[7]
    • You can live a few of the burlap noticeable if you desire your wreath to have a more rustic and Do It Yourself appearance.

[Edit] Producing a Wreath without a Base

  1. Set up the longest pieces of driftwood in the shape you desire for the wreath. Gather driftwood by yourself from bodies of water, coastlines, or beaches if you wish to conserve cash. Otherwise, you can purchase driftwood from your regional craft shop or online. Location the longest pieces you have on your work surface area to form a rough, blocky summary of the shapes and size for your wreath. Overlap completions of the driftwood pieces so you understand where to connect them.[8]
    Make a Driftwood Wreath Step 8.jpg
    • For instance, if you wish to make a heart-shaped driftwood wreath, then you might make the summary of the heart with 6– 8 big pieces.
    • When you’re ended up, your wreath will be somewhat broader than the summary you have actually made.
  2. Hot glue the driftwood pieces together where they overlap. Heat up a high-heat hot glue in the weapon till it uses efficiently. Location a big dot on completion of the driftwood piece and press it versus another piece to protect them together. Hold the pieces together for about 30 seconds so the glue has time to set prior to gluing the next piece.[9]
    • Just deal with 1 piece of driftwood at a time because hot glue sets within 30 seconds.
    • You can likewise utilize very glue if you desire.
  3. Connect more pieces of driftwood so they touch 2 pieces on the very first layer. Take the next biggest piece of driftwood and lay it on top of the layer you simply glued together. Position the brand-new piece so completions cross through the centers of 2 pieces that are glued together. Glue the brand-new driftwood piece with dots of hot glue. Continue working your method around the wreath to develop the shape.[10]
    Make a Driftwood Wreath Step 10.jpg
    • Avoid utilizing driftwood pieces that are much shorter than in the meantime because they will not cover as much location.
  4. Glue the tiniest pieces of driftwood so the wreath has a complete, rounded shape. Work from the most significant pieces of driftwood to the tiniest to assist provide the wreath more meaning. Fit the driftwood into the spaces in between other pieces and glue them down so they’re protected. Keep including driftwood till the wreath complete on the top and when you more than happy with how complete it looks.[11]
    • It’s fine to leave some spaces where you can translucent the wreath.
  5. Wrap a wire around the top of the wreath so you can hang it. Cut off a piece of 18-gauge wire that’s big enough to twist around the top of the wreath with of excess. Put the wire thoroughly around the top of the wreath so you do not break off any driftwood. Twist completions of the wires together and form them into a little hook or loop so you have the ability to hang it.[12]
    • You do not require to include a wire if you do not wish to hang the wreath.

[Edit] Embellishing the Wreath

  1. Hot-glue seashells around the wreath if you wish to make it beach-themed. Try to find numerous sizes of shells or marine-themed decors, such as starfish or sand dollars, in house decoration stores or craft shops. Set the shells and decoration on the wreath and place them on the driftwood. Attempt numerous designs to see which one you like the very best prior to utilizing a hot glue weapon to protect them to the wood.[13]
    • You can hang or connect netting around the wreath to make it look like it got tangled in the driftwood.
  2. Include live flowers or synthetic succulents to the wreath to provide it a natural appearance. Wrap the stems of live flowers in twine to bundle them into an arrangement. Try to find spaces in between the driftwood where you can tuck completions of the stems so you do not require to glue them down. As the flowers dry or wither, you can either leave them or change them with fresh blossoms. You can likewise purchase phony succulent plants and glue them around the driftwood to include some plant to your wreath.[14]
    Make a Driftwood Wreath Step 14.jpg
    • You can utilize synthetic flowers too if you desire them to remain brilliant and vibrant.
    • Prevent keeping genuine succulents on the wreath because they need water and will rot otherwise.
  3. Wrap rope or material around the wreath to develop a rustic feel. Try to find thick pieces of rope or twine that contrast the color of your driftwood to include more visual interest. Coil the rope around the wreath so it goes through the hole in the middle, and cover it as often times as you desire. You can likewise utilize colored strips of material to include more decor to the wreath.
    • This is a terrific alternative if you wish to alter the decors often because you do not need to glue anything down.
    • Connect the material or rope into bows for included ornamental functions.
  4. Tie garlands and ribbons around the ring for a driftwood Christmas wreath. Try to find genuine or synthetic garlands to assist contrast the colors of your driftwood and cover them around the wreath. Run green and red ribbons along with the garlands to include more joyful colors to your wreath. Connect the ribbons into big bows on the front of your wreath so it appears like a present.[15]
    • You might have the ability to hang accessories from the driftwood pieces, however they might fall off.
    • Run string lights around the wreath if you desire it illuminated.
  5. Connect a mirror behind the wreath to develop an ornamental driftwood frame. Pick a circular mirror that’s the very same size as the inner circle of the wreath. Turn the wreath upside-down and place the mirror over the hole so the reflective surface area is face-down. Usage very glue or hot glue around the external rim of the mirror and press it carefully onto the driftwood. Permit the glue to set for 1– 2 minutes prior to turning the wreath over and hanging it.[16]
    Make a Driftwood Wreath Step 17.jpg
    • Go with mirrors without a frame so it’s simpler to glue to the driftwood.

[Edit] Tips

  • You can likewise put the wreath around candle lights or utilize it as table decor if you do not wish to hang it.

[Edit] Cautions

  • Tidy driftwood with a scrub brush and a service of water and bleach if you discovered it in the wild so you do not spread out any germs. This likewise assists to preserve the driftwood for a long period of time.
  • Avoid utilizing low-heat hot glue because it might melt if it gets too warm and trigger your wreath to break down.

[Edit] Things You’ll Require

[Edit] Utilizing a Wreath Ring Base

  • Wire wreath ring
  • Burlap strips
  • Hot glue weapon
  • Hot glue
  • Driftwood pieces

[Edit] Producing a Wreath without a Base

  • Driftwood pieces
  • Hot glue weapon
  • Hot glue
  • 18-gauge wire

[Edit] Embellishing the Wreath

  • Seashells
  • Netting
  • Flowers
  • Synthetic succulents
  • Twine
  • Rope
  • Material pieces
  • Accessories
  • Ribbons
  • Circular mirror

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