How to Repair a Rubbing Door

We understand that it’s quite discouraging when you can’t open a door efficiently since it gets stuck in the frame. Your door may rub versus the frame if it’s drooping or when it’s simply a little too big, however fortunately there are some truly simple repair work. Changing your hinges will fix the majority of your issues for any kind of door, however you might require to cut it if those do not work. We’ll stroll you through a few of the most typical options so your door opens and closes efficiently!

[Edit] Actions

[Edit] Basic Hinge Repairs

  1. Tighten up the screws in the hinges if they feel loose. Gradually, the screws in your hinges may come loose and trigger your door to droop.[1] If the leading corner on the lock side of the door scrapes versus the frame, then tighten up the leading hinge. For a door that rubs versus the bottom of the frame on the lock side, then screw in the bottom hinge more.[2]
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    • Make certain you utilize a screwdriver that appropriately suits the screws. If you utilize one that’s too big, you might remove the screw and make it harder to utilize.
    • You can look for loose hinges and screws by unlocking midway and pulling the manage directly. That method, you can see which hinges walk around.
    • If the screws do not remain tightened up since the holes are removed, keep continuing reading for a basic repair.
  2. Location a screw in the leading hinge if the jamb bulges. Some home builders utilize screws that are long, so it’s most likely for the jamb to come loose. A longer screw will pull the jamb in tighter so it’s not scraping the door. Open your door and location a shim that’s thick on the flooring beneath it. Get any among the screws from the leading hinge utilizing a screwdriver. Fit a wood or deck screw into the hole and screw it in till it’s flush with the hinge.[3]
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    • The longer screw will pull the door jamb back versus the frame so your door does not rub versus it.
  3. Change a bent leading hinge with the straight bottom one if your door droops. Gradually, a much heavier door can somewhat flex the leading hinge and trigger it to droop. If this takes place, open your door and tap out the pins in the hinges with a hammer and screwdriver. Pull the door right out of the frame so you can access the hinges. Loosen the leading and bottom hinges from both the door and the frame. Reattach the bottom depend upon leading and utilize the somewhat bent one on the bottom.[4]
    Fix a Rubbing Door Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    • The bottom hinge normally remains straighter because it’s not supporting the weight of the door as much.
    • If your hinge is very warped or broken, then you’ll need to change it totally.
  4. Complete removed holes with a golf tee and wood glue if the hinges still feel loose. Tap the hinge pins out of your door utilizing a hammer and screwdriver. Pull your door right out of the frame. Then, loosen the hinges to take them off of the frame. Cover a wood golf tee with wood glue and press it as far into the loose screw hole as you can. Rating the tee with an energy knife and break it off so it’s flush with the frame. As soon as the glue dries, set up the hinges and screw into the golf tee.[5]
    Fix a Rubbing Door Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    • If you have actually currently attempted tightening your hinges and they’re still loose, this repair will offer the screws a firmer grip.
  5. Put a shim under the hinges when a door hangs unevenly. Get rid of the hinge pins from the door and raise it out of the frame. Next, loosen the hinges from the frame, however leave the ones connected to your door. Trace the shape of the door depend upon a piece of cardboard and cut it out with an energy knife. Put the cardboard shim in the frame’s mortise, which is the recessed location where you put the hinge. Set the depend upon top of the shim and screw it back in. Attempt re-installing your door and examining if it opens and closes efficiently.[6]
    Fix a Rubbing Door Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    • When it scrapes the bottom corner on the lock side, then shim the leading hinge.
    • If your door scrapes the leading corner, include a shim behind the bottom hinge.
    • If your door still rubs, you can include another shim under the hinge, however do not let the front of your hinge extend past the mortise. Otherwise, your door will get looser gradually.

[Edit] Wood Door Trimming

  1. Mark the location where the door rubs versus the frame. If you make sure your hinges and door are hanging directly however it’s still rubbing, then it’s time to cut it smaller sized. Open and close your door a couple of times so you can learn where it’s rubbing versus the jamb. Draw the line on the side of the door where it’s scraping along the frame.[7]
    Fix a Rubbing Door Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • Your door jamb need to constantly have about of area on each side.
    • If you have difficulty discovering where the door rubs versus the frame, take a piece of cardboard that has to do with thick, and slide it in the fracture in between the door and the frame. Make your marks where the cardboard gets stuck.
  2. Get rid of the hinge pins to take the door out. Close your door and base on the side where the hinge pins protrude from the frame. Position a screwdriver on the bottom of the pin and gently tap it with a hammer so it pops out. Pull the pin out from the top of the hinge. Then eliminate the pin from the other hinge so you can move your door out of the frame.[8]
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    • It does not matter which hinge pin you eliminate initially.
  3. Take the hinges off of the door if you require to reduce the width. When your door is too large for the frame, constantly trim from the side with the hinges because the lock system can be difficult to re-install. Utilize a screwdriver to eliminate the hinges from the door and set them aside.[9]
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    • If your door rubs versus the leading or bottom, you do not require to secure any of the hardware.
    • Shop the hinges and screws in a cup or plastic bag so you do not lose any of the pieces.
  4. Run a planer along the edges if you just require to eliminate. Hold the door constant in between your legs or lay it throughout some sawhorses so it does not move around. Set your planer versus the edge that you’re cutting and use light pressure as you press it along the wood. If you’re planing the lock side, follow in addition to the wood grain. For the leading or bottom edges, work from the edges towards the center. Just eliminate about of wood at a time so you do not cut off excessive.[10]
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    • If you use a great deal of pressure to the planer, you might gouge much deeper into the wood and harm your door.
    • Hollow-core doors have about of strong wood at the top and bottom that you can cut.[11]
  5. Evaluate the door to see if it swings easily. After you cut your door, reattach any hardware that you got rid of and place the door back in the frame. Press the pins back through the depend upon the door so it hangs easily. Attempt opening and closing the door to see if it moves quickly. If it does not rub the edge any longer, then you can carry on.[12]
    Fix a Rubbing Door Step 11 Version 2.jpg
    • If your door still rubs the frame, make note of where it still scrapes and take it down once again. Utilize your planer to ravel any edges that are still raised.
  6. Paint or refinish the cut edge of the door. The cut edge of your door may stand apart if the natural wood is a various color. Take the door pull back by getting rid of the hinge pins. Utilize the very same paint or stain you utilized on the door so it mixes in. Apply 1– 2 coats and let it dry entirely so your door looks uniform.[13]
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    • If you cut the leading or bottom of the door, you need to still refinish the edge even when you can’t see it. Otherwise, wetness might enter into the door and trigger it to swell once again.
  7. Rehang the door back in the frame. Hold the door back in the jamb so its hinges line up with the ones in the frame. Press the pins back through the slots in the hinge so your door remains protected in location. Your door must open and close efficiently when you’re ended up![14]
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[Edit] Tips

  • Often doors can swell when it’s damp out because they take in wetness. Attempt running an a/c unit or dehumidifier to see if it assists your issue.[15]

[Edit] Cautions

  • Constantly utilize care when you deal with power tools so you do not get hurt.
  • If your door still does not work appropriately, your structure might have settled and made your frame uneven. Call an expert structure repair work expert to inspect the issue.[16]

[Edit] Things You’ll Require

[Edit] Basic Hinge Repairs

  • Screwdriver
  • wood or deck screws
  • Golf tee
  • Wood glue
  • Energy knife
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil

[Edit] Door Trimming

  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Planer
  • Circular saw
  • Energy knife
  • Paint or stain

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