How to remove an encrypted Mac volume if you do not require its contents

macOS uses a variety of drive file encryption choices. With a Mac with a T2 chip integrated in, the start-up volume is constantly secured. On other Macs, allowing FileVault secures that volume. (On all Macs, FileVault supplies extra defense for a powered-down Mac, too.) You can likewise pick a drive in the Finder, Control-click it, and pick Encrypt “drive name”, setting a password of your picking.

If you forget that password or were offered or acquire a drive that’s encrypted, you may believe you’re at a dead end. Nevertheless, it’s not alarming– so long as you do not require the information on the drive. If you simply wish to remove it, Disk Energy will require:

  1. Release Applications > > Energies > > Disk Energy.

  2. Select the volume or drive in the sidebar. (See sidebar notes listed below.)

  3. Click Erase

  4. Pick the format, if you require to alter it, and click Erase, and follow triggers.

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You can remove an encrypted volume without a password, so long as you do not care about losing its contents.

The freshly formatted drive is offered for usage and has actually no password connected.

On the matter of the sidebar: If you do not see the sidebar in Disk Energy, pick View > > Program Sidebar The sidebar likewise reveals just sensible volumes by default, or the sectors of a drive that install in the Finder as special products. To reveal containers and drives, pick View > > Program All Gadgets This can make it much easier to guarantee you’re eliminating the proper volume.

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