How to Do Winged Eye Liner with Eye Shadow

If you enjoy the appearance of winged eye liner however have an interest in producing a softer, flirtier appearance, you can definitely have the very best of both worlds. Utilizing eye shadow rather of eye liner is the best method to make your winged eye look more romantic and mild while still having the drama and meaning. All you require is a preferred color of eye shadow– black and brown work fantastic, however do not hesitate to branch off to more special colors– and a thin, angled eyebrow brush.

[Edit] Actions

[Edit] Preparation Work

  1. Get rid of oils and old makeup prior to doing your makeup. A tidy face is essential for your structure, however it’s incredibly necessary for your eye makeup! When you clean your face, take notice of your eyelids and the location surrounding your eyes to make certain you wash away any remaining residue.[1]
    Do Winged Eyeliner with Eyeshadow Step 1.jpg
    • Many people do the rest of their makeup prior to doing their eye makeup, which is absolutely great. Simply make certain to begin your regular with a tidy face.
  2. Apply eye shadow guide to keep your winged liner from smearing. Utilize your fingers, a makeup brush, or an appeal sponge to use and mix guide over your eyelids and around your eyes. The last thing you desire is for your perfectly-applied eye makeup to crease or spot throughout the day![2]
    • Make certain to get the location outside the corner of your eye where the winged part of your liner will be.
  3. Set your whole eyelid and the surrounding location with a powder. Use a light layer of clear powder with a soft makeup brush. With utilizing both guide and powder, you may fret about your makeup looking cakey, however felt confident that your completed liner is going to look fantastic (and remain in location!).[3]
    • Prepping your skin is the very best method to develop a specified and significant appearance.
  4. Placed on your eye shadow if you’re intending on using it. By this, we imply shadow on your eyelids and not the shadow you’re going to utilize to develop your winged appearance. Winged eye liner looks completely great all by itself, however you can likewise integrate it with a routine eye shadow design for much more zest. Wait to place on your mascara up until your makeup is all done.[4]
    • Start by using a base color to your cover and after that utilize a somewhat darker shade for the crease. This method includes measurement and makes your eyes pop.[5]
    • If you desire your eyebrows to stick out, use a lighter, shimmery shade along your eyebrow bone.[6]
    • Take A Look At this great article on how to use eye shadow if you’re searching for some motivation.
  5. Choose a thin, angled eyebrow brush to use your eyeshadow-liner. With winged eye liner, it’s everything about that sharp point and specified edge! Utilizing a thin, angled brush offers you more control over the application and shaping of your winged eye liner.[7]
    Do Winged Eyeliner with Eyeshadow Step 5.jpg
    • A brush that’s too broad, soft, or versatile will not work well for this makeup method.
  6. Usage matte or shimmery eye shadow to line your upper cover. Matte shadow works best for a bolder, more specified appearance, while shimmery eye shadow will make your winged liner appearance softer and more fragile. Put a little eye shadow on your angled brush. Utilize the sharp edge to carefully line your lash line. Develop a more “open” eye by stopping about two-thirds of the method throughout your cover, or opt for a more significant appearance by lining the whole thing.[8]
    • Some individuals wait up until completion for this action, however it’s much easier to repair an error at the start prior to your wing remains in location.
    • If your liner tends to smear near your tear duct, do not bring it completely throughout your cover. Stop about midway or two-thirds of the method throughout.[9]

[Edit] Winging It

  1. Look directly ahead and do not pull your skin to make it tighter. It’s much easier to use a winged appearance if your skin is tight, however that can screw up your edge and make it look unusual when it’s back to its natural unwinded position. Withstand the temptation to pull your skin and rather simply unwind your face and look directly ahead into the mirror.[10]
    Do Winged Eyeliner with Eyeshadow Step 7.jpg
    • This pointer is particularly practical if you have actually hooded eyelids.
  2. Draw an inclined line from the external corner of your eye towards your eyebrow bone. Think of a line linking the external corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. Usage light pressure as you work so you do not smear the eye shadow into your skin, and stop when the pointer is as long as you desire. Make certain to stop at the very same point on either side so your wings look as even as possible. If you have problem keeping the edge straight (all of us do sometimes!), attempt among these hacks: [11]
    • Utilize the bottom edge of a tube of structure or cream to develop a straight line.[12]
    • Stick a brief piece of tape from your eyebrow bone to the external corner of your eye. Simply remember that this may screw up or smear your structure.
    • On the other hand, some individuals discover it much easier to begin the winged line out towards the eyebrow line and bring it down to the corner of their eye. In the end, you need to discover which works finest for you![13]
  3. Make a triangle by drawing a 2nd line from the inclined one to your eyelid. Set about three-fourths of the method up the winged line you simply made and draw throughout to about midway down your eyelid. You can change these percentages to make your wing either thinner or thicker, depending upon the appearance you’re choosing.[14]
    • For instance, take the line all the method to the inner corner of your eye for a dark, significant appearance.
    • If you fidget about making both sides look even, attempt gently tracing the lines with an eyebrow pencil initially. You can inspect that they line up prior to covering them up with eye shadow.
  4. Fill out the triangle you simply made with eye shadow. Include more eye shadow to your brush if required. Thoroughly cover all the skin in the wing of your eye liner and include more layers to darken the shading if you wish to.[15]
    • Attempt holding the brush better to the pointer for much better control.
  5. Extend the wing by dragging it out even more with your eyebrow brush. If the length appears great to you, then avoid this action. However, if you ‘d like a little bit more length for a somewhat more significant appearance, it’s easy to do! Simply take care that completions of the 2 lines mix well.[16]
    • The length of your wing is an overall matter of choice! Some individuals choose a very brief wing for simply a tip of style, while others choose a long, vibrant appearance.

[Edit] Last Touches

  1. Tidy up the external edge of your winged eye liner with your fingernail or Q-tip. Drag your nail right along the edge of your eye liner, up towards your eyebrow. If you ‘d rather not touch your confront with your hands, a pointed cotton bud works simply as well. This basically hones that edge and makes it look incredibly specified.[17]
    • If your line looks great to you, there’s no requirement to tinker it!
  2. Apply highlighter along the edge of the liner if you desire it to pop more. If you do not have highlighter, a light-colored eye shadow will work simply as well. Simply take care not to cover the real wing unintentionally.[18]
    • This is completely optional, however it can offer your appearance simply a touch more glow.
  3. Curl your lashes and use mascara to complete your appearance. If you do not have a lash curler, simply avoid ahead straight to placing on your mascara. Stunning, long lashes are the very best enhance to your winged eye liner.[19]
    • Mascara makes your eyes look more alert.
  4. Use a setting spray to lock your appearance in location. In basic, hold the bottle about far from your face, close your eyes, and spritz your whole face. Let it dry entirely prior to getting dressed or navigating the day.[20]
    Do Winged Eyeliner with Eyeshadow Step 15.jpg
    • Constantly checked out the directions to make certain you’re utilizing finest practices for your specific item.
    • You may wish to utilize hairspray as a sort of Do It Yourself setting spray, however you need to prevent this. The components in hairspray can aggravate your skin and eyes.

[Edit] Tips

  • Winged eye liner is absolutely a knowledgeable makeup method! Do not feel bad if it takes you a while to master it.
  • Remember that if you do a winged appearance with eye shadow, it most likely will not last as long as liquid liner.[21]
  • If you made a little error, do not stress! Get a pointed cotton bud and put a little makeup eliminate on it. Utilize it to clean and dab up until you’re back on track.[22]
  • Remember that you can utilize any color of eye shadow to make your winged eye liner. It does not need to be brown or black– you can utilize orange, green, blue, or any other shade that strikes your fancy.

[Edit] Things You’ll Require

  • Eye shadow guide
  • Clear powder
  • Makeup brushes
  • Eye Shadow
  • Angled eyebrow brush
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Setting spray

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