How to Contest Products on a Credit Report

You’re taking a look at your credit report and you see a product that’s incorrect. You understand mistakes on your credit report can harm your credit report, however what can you do to repair it? All 3 United States credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) enable you to challenge credit report products online totally free, which is the simplest method to look after the issue. If you discover a mistake on one credit report, inspect the others too. If the mistake is duplicated on other reports, you’ll require to submit disagreements with each bureau individually.[1]

[Edit] Actions

[Edit] Equifax

  1. See the Equifax site to submit your conflict online totally free. Go to and click “send a conflict” to begin the procedure. It’s a great concept to know about the product close at hand prior to you get going so you can complete the online conflict type quicker.[2]
    • For instance, if among your charge account is revealing “overdue” status when you understand you’re current on payments, bring up your payment history on the account so you have it useful.
  2. Produce a “MyEquifax” account if you do not currently have one. The site will trigger you to enter your login info if you currently have an account, or to produce a brand-new one. Offer recognizing info, including your birth date and Social Security number, then respond to concerns about your credit report to validate your identity.[3]
    • Equifax just requests this info when so your credit report can be discovered. Although the website itself is safe and secure, safeguard your info by not setting up your account on a public computer system or while utilizing public Wi-Fi.
  3. Offer info about the product you wish to conflict. Particular information enable Equifax to fix the conflict more effectively. At a minimum, you’ll require the following info: [4]
    • The name of the loan provider or business that reported the product
    • The account number noted with the contested product
    • The dates related to the contested product
    • A description of why the info is inaccurate
  4. Connect digital copies of files that assistance your conflict. Files that show the product on your report is inaccurate assistance Equifax fix your conflict more effectively. Files Equifax accepts consist of: [5]
    • Copy of your chauffeur’s license or passport, if you’re contesting individual info
    • Copy of your legitimate Social Security card, if you’re contesting your Social Security number
    • Copy of your chauffeur’s license, lease, or home mortgage, if you’re contesting your address
    • Copy of your account declaration or letters from the loan provider, if you’re contesting an account product
  5. Submit your conflict over the phone or by mail if you’re not comfy online. Although the Equifax site is safe and secure, it’s not a great concept to submit a conflict online utilizing a public computer system or over a public cordless network– your info might be taken. Rather, call Equifax at 866-349-5191. This number is staffed 7 days a week from 8 a.m. till midnight ET. You can likewise send by mail a composed conflict.[6]
    • If you’re submitting your conflict by mail, consist of a letter with your individual info and information about your conflict (there’s a kind you can download at files. f/documents/092016 _ cfpb _ CreditReportingDisputeLetter.docx). Send out the letter together with copies of any supporting files utilizing qualified mail with returned invoice asked for so you’ll understand when Equifax gets it.
    • For mail, utilize the following address:
      Equifax Info Solutions LLC
      P.O. Box 740256
      Atlanta, GA 30374-0256
  6. Inspect the status of your conflict after a number of weeks. If you submitted your conflict online, you can inspect the status at any time through your MyEquifax account. Equifax suggests that it typically reaches a choice on disagreements within one month, however you might get a resolution quicker.[7]
    • For instance, if you have a fairly simple conflict, such as that your name is spelled incorrect or your Social Security number is inaccurate, Equifax can typically fix that fairly rapidly.
    • Disagreements that need calling a lending institution to find out more may take more time. Equifax sends out an alert when the conflict has actually been solved. However at any action in the procedure, you can inspect online and see what’s occurring.
  7. Contact the loan provider straight if you do not concur with the outcomes. Inspect your report for the contact info of the loan provider that offered the info and send out a letter straight to them explaining the conflict. Connect any documents you may need to show that the product was reported improperly. Lots of lending institutions take disagreements online if you’re still an active client.[8]
    • You likewise have the alternative of submitting a conflict with Equifax once again. However unless you have any extra info that you didn’t have when you submitted your very first conflict, it’s not likely that the outcome will alter.
  8. Include a customer declaration to your report if you disagree with the choice. If Equifax hasn’t solved the conflict to your taste, you can include a declaration to your credit report suggesting that you challenge the product or think it is inaccurate. Equifax needs the declaration to be 100 words or less and straight associated to the conflict. There’s no online alternative for this, so you’ll need to mail your declaration to Equifax.[9]
    • Mail your declaration to:
      Equifax Info Solutions LLC
      P.O. Box 740256
      Atlanta, GA 30374-0256
    • While the declaration will not affect your credit report, it may have some sway on a private, such as a property manager or a home mortgage loan provider, who was examining your credit report.

[Edit] Experian

  1. Go to the Experian Disagreement Center online and produce an account. Go to and click “Start a brand-new conflict online” to produce an account with the Disagreement Center. To validate your identity, offer your name, street address, Social Security number, date of birth, and telephone number.[10]
    • If you have actually lived at your present address for less than 6 months, offer your previous address too.
    • Experian might ask extra concerns to validate your identity utilizing info in your credit report.
  2. Total the online conflict type. Select the product you wish to challenge from your credit report, which will be shown. Then, pick the factor you’re contesting the product from the drop-down menu. If extra info is needed, a box will stand for you to go into that info.[11]
    • If you wish to challenge numerous products, you’ll require to begin a brand-new conflict for each product.
    • Evaluation your conflict thoroughly prior to you send it.
  3. Upload any files associated with your conflict. Utilize the “Submit a File” link after you have actually sent your conflict to send out anything you have that supports your factor for contesting the product.[12]
    • For instance, if an account is noted as “opted for a lower quantity” when you in fact settled the account completely, you may consist of a payment invoice, e-mail, or letter from the loan provider suggesting that your account was paid completely.
  4. Mail in a composed conflict if you can’t utilize the online Disagreement Center. Although the Experian website itself is safe and secure, it’s still not a great concept to access your credit report online from a public computer system or utilizing public Wi-Fi. If you do not have personal web gain access to, download the type at[13]
    • Mail your finished type to:
      P.O. Box 4500
      Allen, TX 75013
    • If you have any files that assistance your conflict, consist of copies with your type. Usage licensed mail with return invoice asked for so you’ll understand when Experian gets your conflict type.
    • You can likewise submit a conflict over the phone by calling the number noted on your Experian credit report. If you do not have your report and desire one sent by mail to you, call 866-200-6020.
  5. Track your conflict status through your Experian account. Experian sends you email alerts whenever the status of your conflict modifications. You can likewise inspect the status in the “Alerts” area of your Experian account.[14]
    • If you see “open,” this suggests that Experian has actually begun examining your conflict. “Update” implies your credit report is being upgraded. “Disagreement results prepared” implies Experian has actually provided a choice on your conflict.
    • Typically, it takes 30 to 45 days for Experian to finish an examination into your conflict and provide a choice.[15]
  6. Contact the loan provider straight if you disagree with Experian’s choice. If Experian isn’t going to alter your credit report, that’s probably due to the fact that the loan provider showed to them that the info they reported was right. Utilize the contact info for the loan provider on your credit report to call them and inform them their info is incorrect. You might have the ability to get your report altered that method.[16]
    • You likewise have the alternative of beginning the very same conflict with Experian once again, however this does not make a great deal of sense unless you have brand-new info or extra documents that you didn’t offer the very first time.
  7. Include a declaration of conflict to your report if you still disagree with the choice. In the Disagreement Center, pick the product on your report that you contested, then pick “Include a Declaration” from the drop-down menu. Enter the declaration you wish to make about the product.[17]
    • Your declaration will appear on your credit report beside the contested product in concern. Anybody who examines your report will see it and may have concerns about it for you. Keep the files you have that relate to the conflict useful so you can reveal them to anybody who asks.
    • While including a declaration will not affect your credit report, it may be convincing to a lending institution, especially if the contested product is the only unfavorable mark on your report.

[Edit] TransUnion

  1. Produce an account on TransUnion’s site to submit an online conflict. Go to, scroll down a bit, and click “begin conflict.” You’ll be required to the account login page, where you can enter your username and password if you currently have an account, or produce a brand-new one.[18]
    • To open your account, offer individual info to validate your identity. You may likewise be asked concerns about info included in your TransUnion credit report.
    • If you have actually formerly asked for a conflict, freeze, or scams alert online from TransUnion, you likely currently have an account. The login page provides you alternatives to recuperate your username and password if you have actually forgotten them.[19]
  2. Select “New Examination” to begin your conflict. Scroll through your credit report on the screen and pick the product you wish to conflict. If you wish to challenge more than one product, you can do them all utilizing one type. Simply make certain you have actually picked all the products.[20]
    • Since your individual info has actually currently been confirmed through your account, you do not require to include anything. You likewise do not require to make a declaration explaining the factor you’re contesting a product.
  3. Upload files that assistance your conflict. If you have files that reveal the product is inaccurate, such as an account declaration or a letter from the loan provider, you can submit them after choosing the product on your report. Supplying files typically allows TransUnion to fix your conflict quicker.[21]
    • You can’t submit files if you’re contesting individual info, such as your Social Security number, date of birth, or present address. If you’re contesting any of this info, utilize the phone or mail conflict alternatives.
  4. Usage phone or mail conflict services if you can’t begin your conflict online. If you’re contesting individual info or if you do not have access to a personal web connection, call 833-395-6941 Monday through Friday in between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. ET and make your conflict by phone. You may still wish to mail in files that assistance your conflict.[22]
    • If you do not wish to call, utilize the type readily available at to send your conflict by mail. Make copies of any files you have that assistance your conflict and include them with the type.
    • Utilize the following address to mail your conflict or files:
      TransUnion Customer Solutions
      P.O. Box 2000
      Chester, PA 19016-2000
    • Even if you send your conflict over the phone or by mail, you can still inspect the status online if you produce an account.[23]
  5. Inspect the status of your conflict through your account. If your conflict is quite open-and-shut and you have actually published files that show it, TransUnion may just take a couple of days to fix it. More complex disagreements take longer. The status of your conflict is continuously upgraded in your online account, so you’ll understand what takes place.[24]
    • While it may use up to one month to fix your conflict, TransUnion clears most disagreements within a number of weeks.
  6. Contact the loan provider straight if you disagree with the conflict results. If TransUnion does not alter the info on your credit report however you still think it’s inaccurate, your best option is to go to the loan provider who offered the info and inform them their info is incorrect. Ensure you have files to support your claims.[25]
    • There’s contact info for the loan provider on your credit report. If you’re contesting info about an account that remains in collections, make certain you have the best contact info for the business that reported the info.
  7. Include a customer declaration to discuss the contested product. If you disagree with the outcomes of your conflict, login to your account and pick the alternative to begin another examination. Nevertheless, rather of beginning an examination, scroll down to the “Customer Declaration” area of your credit report and click “Include Declaration.”[26]
    • TransUnion has some ready declarations that you can select from. If none exactly fits your scenario, compose your own rather. It simply requires to be 100 words or less (200 words or less if you reside in Maine).

[Edit] Design Template and Sample Disagreement Letter

[Edit] Tips

  • If you see account info on an existing account that’s insufficient or incorrect, it’s typically more effective to get in touch with the loan provider straight about the mistake instead of going through the credit bureaus.[27]
  • If your conflict isn’t solved to your fulfillment, you can likewise submit grievances versus the credit bureaus or business that reported the product to the Customer Financial Defense Bureau or your state’s chief law officer.[28]
  • Through April 2021, all 3 credit bureaus are providing totally free weekly credit reports to help with the monetary difficulty related to the COVID-19 pandemic.[29]

[Edit] Cautions

  • This post covers how to challenge products on a credit report in the United States. If you reside in another nation, the procedure may be various. Talk with somebody who operates at a regional customer security company or company.
  • If you discover a mistake on among your credit reports, it may likewise exist on the others. Get copies of all 3 credit reports to make certain. You’ll need to challenge each mistake separately.

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