How to Crochet a Bracelet

Bracelets may be among the very best novice crochet tasks around. You just require to understand a couple of easy stitches and have a couple of minutes to make a really special piece of fashion jewelry. If you’re truly brand-new to crochet, begin with a simple relationship bracelet that you work utilizing simply chain stitches. To make your bracelet a little fancy, work beads along the bracelet. When you begin, you’ll like making these bracelets!

[Edit] Actions

[Edit] Easy Relationship Bracelet

  1. Make a slip knot with worsted weight yarn. Go out an enjoyable color of worsted weight yarn and pull about far from the yarn ball. Twist completion of the yarn into a loop and slip your thumb and guideline finger through the loop. Pinch the yarn tail while you take down on the working yarn with your other hand. This makes a slip knot.[1]
    • If you’re uncertain if you made the slip knot properly, keep pulling the yarn in opposite instructions. A slip knot will come reversed rather of tightening up into a strong knot.
  2. Move the slip knot onto a size United States G6 (4.00 mm) crochet hook. When you put the loop behind the point of the crochet hook, pull carefully up until the yarn is tight. Withstand the desire to pull firmly or it will be challenging to make chain stitches for your bracelet.[2]
  3. Make a chain sew to begin your bracelet. Wrap the yarn around the hook as soon as and pull it through the loop. This forms a brand-newchain stitch Do not pull the working yarn firmly after you make the chain stitch or you’ll have a difficult time working more stitches.[3]
  4. Chain enough stitches to cover the bracelet around your wrist. Keep making chains up until you have a long crocheted cable. Inspect the bracelet length every as soon as in a while by covering it around your wrist. Stop crocheting chain stitches as soon as you can bring completions of the bracelet together at your wrist.[4]
    • For instance, make around 30 chains for a big bracelet or 20 chains for a little one.
    • If you’re making the relationship bracelet for a buddy, determine their wrist so you understand for how long to make the chain.
    • You can crochet the bracelet so it’s a lot longer than your wrist. By doing this, you can cover the bracelet around your wrist a number of times prior to you connect it.
  5. Cut the yarn and pull it through your last chain. Leave a yarn tail when you make it. Then, pull your hook away so the yarn draws through the last chain sew you made.[5]
    • You’ll utilize this yarn tail to connect the bracelet around your wrist.
  6. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and connect a square knot with completions. To make it simpler to connect, get the yarn tail with the fingers so you can hold it in your palm. Wrap the other end of the bracelet around your wrist and hold it near your body so you can connect a standard square knot with completions.
    Crochet a Bracelet Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • It is challenging to connect a bracelet around your own wrist, so ask a buddy to connect your relationship bracelet if you’re having a hard time.
    • To make a thick relationship bracelet, make 3 of these easy relationship bracelets. Then, intertwine them together and connect them around your wrist.

[Edit] Braided Crocheted Cuff

  1. Leave an yarn tail and make a slip knot. Go out light-weight yarn in any color and pull a long hair of yarn from the skein, however do not suffice. Make a slip knot about from completion of the yarn tail.[6]
    • Pick yarn that’s comfy considering that you do not desire a rough bracelet to scratch your wrist.
  2. Move the slip knot onto a size United States 7 (4.5 mm) crochet hook. Slip the loop behind the point of your crochet hook and pull on the yarn up until it’s protected on the hook. Do not pull too firmly or you’ll have a difficult time working your structure stitches.[7]
    • Check out the yarn plan to see which crochet hook it suggests you utilize. If you’re utilizing a thinner backyard, you’ll require to utilize a smaller sized hook, for example.
  3. Make 3 chain stitches to begin a structure half-double crochet (FHDC) sew. Wrap the yarn around your hook as soon as and pull it through to make a chain. Repeat this 2 more times to make 3 chain stitches that will end up being a structure half-double crochet.[8]
    • You’re working half-double crochet stitches to form the bracelet without needing to make a structure chain row.
  4. Place your hook into the very first chain and bring up a loop. Wrap the yarn over your hook as soon as and press the hook into the very first chain that you made. Then, yarn over as soon as and pull the hook through the loop. This makes a structure half-double crochet stitch.[9]
  5. Wrap the yarn over the hook and pull it through to complete the structure HDC. To offer you a structure chain below your work, cover the yarn around your hook as soon as and pull it through the very first loop on your hook. Then, yarn over as soon as and pull through all 3 loops on your hook.[10]
    • This ends up 1 structure HDC sew. If your stitches are a little loose, pull the yarn tail up until the work tightens up a little.
  6. Work FHDC stitches up until you can cover the strip around your wrist 3 1/2 times. To work the length of the bracelet, simply keep making FHDC stitches up until you have a truly long strip. To inform if you have actually made it enough time, hold completion at your wrist and cover the strip around your wrist 3 1/2 times.[11]
    • For instance, if your wrist procedures around, make your strip long.
  7. Fold the strip into thirds and slip stitch to sign up with the bracelet. Spread out the crocheted strip directly and pull 1 end back towards the other end. Wrap the strip in a loop that curves away to flex the strip into thirds. Then, press your hook into completion with the working yarn so it goes through the strip that’s hanging loose. Make 2 slip stitches to pinch all 3 strips together.[12]
    • This keeps the folded strips in location while you intertwine the bracelet.
  8. Lay the strips flat and intertwine them together. Secure your crochet hook and pull the loop of yarn so it does not unwind. Location the crocheted piece flat so you have the 3 strips lying next to each other. Then, intertwine the 3 of them together, keeping the strips loose as you work.[13]
    • Lay your crochet hook at the top of the strips or tape them to hold the leading end in location while you intertwine.
  9. Thread the yarn onto a needle and whipstitch completion. When you have actually intertwined the length of your bracelet, cut the working yarn and thread it through the eye of a needle. Then, stitch over the edge of your bracelet’s end a couple of times and connect it off.[14]
    • If you do not wish to connect completions together in a standard square knot, include a button closure.

[Edit] Crocheted Bracelet with Beads

  1. Slide 30 beads onto embroidery thread. You can utilize as lots of beads as you like, however attempt 30 to begin. Simply slip them onto your option of thread or yarn in the order that you desire them to appear on your crocheted bracelet.[15]
    • To make a heavily-beaded bracelet, usage in between 30 and 50 beads, for example. If you’re utilizing big beads, you may just desire 5 to 10 beads, however.
    • Do not cut the thread prior to or after you include the beads considering that they’ll slip off if you do.
  2. Pull of yarn from the beads and connect a slip knot. Move the beads down towards the covered embroidery thread and pull up until you have a yarn tail. Then, make a slip knot near completion of the tail.[16]
    • Keep in mind, to make a slip knot, twist the yarn into a loop. Put your thumb and forefinger through it and pinch the tail. At the exact same time, take down on the working yarn.
  3. Put the knot on a United States C (2.5 mm) crochet hook and make 39 chain stitches. Location the slip knot behind the point of the crochet hook and pull carefully to protect it to the hook. Then, cover the yarn as soon as around the hook and pull it through the loop to make 1 chain. Repeat this 38 times to make an overall of 39 chain stitches.[17]
    • When you complete the chain stitches, you’ll have a crocheted cable that forms the basis for the bracelet.
  4. Slip 1 stitch and slip sew into every chain throughout the cable. When you reach completion of the cable, press your hook into the chain sew you simply made. Wrap the yarn around the hook as soon as and pull it through the loop. To complete the slip stitch, pull the loop through the other one on your hook. Repeat this for each stitch throughout your bracelet.[18]
  5. Make 1 chain stitch and slip sew into the next 4 stitches. Develop 1 chain sew at the end of your cable and make 4 slip stitches so your bracelet has a smooth area prior to you include beads to it. This begins the 3rd row of your bracelet.[19]
  6. Move a bead onto the bracelet and slip stitch to protect it. When you’re prepared to include a bead, press your hook into the next stitch. Rather of working it immediately, move the closest bead onto the bracelet. Then, make a slip sew so the bead remains in location.[20]
    • It may assist to put your guideline finger on the bead while you’re slip sewing so it does not wiggle around.
  7. Include beads with the slip sew for the next 29 stitches. Repeat this for the next 29 stitches to include all of the beads to your bracelet. Then, slip sew the last 4 stitches of your bracelet without including beads. This makes the smooth end that you’ll connect to the other end of the bracelet.[21]
  8. Slip sew into every stitch back throughout the bracelet. Complete crocheting the opposite of the bracelet so the beads are focused. To do this, simply make a slip sew into each stitch along the beaded bracelet up until you reach the other end.[22]
  9. Leave a tail and pull it through the last stitch. Cut the yarn to leave a long tail and utilize your hook to pull it through completion. Yank firmly on the yarn to protect the bracelet.[23]
  10. Cut tails for each end and intertwine them. To make ornamental ends for the bracelet, cut 3 pieces of embroidery thread so they’re long and pull them through the last stitch. Connect them to the bracelet and intertwine them together. Repeat this for the other end to complete your bracelet.[24]
    Crochet a Bracelet Step 25 Version 2.jpg
    • You can change the length of the braided ends prior to you utilize them to connect the bracelet to your wrist.

[Edit] Tips

  • Modification the size of your yarn or thread to make a thicker or thinner bracelet.
  • If you wish to secure the bracelet with a button, crochet a number of hairs and collect them together or utilize thick yarn to make a broad bracelet. Then, sew a button onto 1 end and cover the other end into a loop that’s large enough for the button to travel through.[25]

[Edit] Things You’ll Require

[Edit] Easy Relationship Bracelet

  • Worsted weight yarn or crochet thread
  • Size United States G (4.00 mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors

[Edit] Braided Crocheted Cuff

  • Scissors
  • Yarn or tapestry needle
  • Sewing needle
  • 1 little button
  • Light-weight yarn
  • Size United States 7 (4.5 mm) crochet hook

[Edit] Crocheted Bracelet with Beads

  • Embroidery thread or thin yarn
  • Size United States C (2.5 mm) crochet hook
  • Beads
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

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