How to Develop and Handle To-Dos in WhatsApp Utilizing Any.Do

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We typically need to produce to-dos from WhatsApp texts. It might be your partner messaging you to purchase groceries or your associate acting on a task. However you do not need to leave WhatsApp any longer to upgrade your order of business. With Any.Do, it’s as easy as forwarding a message.

Any.Do uses a WhatsApp bot that advises you of your approaching jobs, and lets you include brand-new ones right from the messaging app. It’s just offered for users who have actually signed up for the $2.99/ month premium plan, nevertheless. Here’s how to set it up.

To allow the WhatsApp service, head over toAny.Do’s web app Next, click the equipment icon in the top-right corner to expose a dropdown menu.

Open Any.Do settings

Select “Combinations” and after that click “WhatsApp Reminders.”

Set up Any.Do WhatsApp bot

Enter your WhatsApp-connected contact number.

Type in your WhatsApp-connected phone number.

Any.Do will send you a two-factor authentication SMS. Get in that to validate the connection.

Verify Any.Do WhatsApp bot

That’s it. On WhatsApp, you will instantly get a verification text from the Any.Do bot.

To produce a brand-new job in your Any.Do account on WhatsApp, all you require to do is ping the bot. For example, open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone, Android, or on the web and after that send out “Get groceries.” The bot will instantly add a to-do with the text as the title in your default Any.Do list.

Add Any.Do Tasks From WhatsApp

The Any.Do bot likewise comprehends natural language input for due dates. For that reason, rather of typing up a particular time, you can inform it to advise you of a job state next week or tomorrow.

Add Any.Do tasks from WhatsApp with natural language

Additionally, if you’re seeking to include a job out of an inbound text, you do not need to type anything. You can simply forward messages to the Any.Do chat to turn them into to-dos.

The Any.Do WhatsApp bot can even alert you when a job is due. However in case you discover this redundant given that you may currently have other app alert allowed, you have the alternative to change it off.

To do that, go to the Any.Do website and browse to the equipment icon menu > > Combinations > > WhatsApp Reminders. Click the “Off” button.

Navigate to the gear icon menu > Integrations > WhatsApp Reminders. Click the “Off” button.

Here, you can likewise detach Any.Do from your WhatsApp account by picking the “Disconnect” button.

Comparable to Any.Do’s bot combination, there are numerous services that permit you to easily turn emails into tasks.

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