Think My Young puppy’s Types

Hey everybody, this is my young puppy, Harrie!

She’s 5 months and 11 days old, and I have no concept what she is (I indicate, I understand she’s adorable, however that has to do with it).

So, I got an Embark doggy DNA test to learn, due to the fact that I got ta understand my bb lady’s ancestral roots. A few days ago, I swabbed her little cheekies and now we are awaiting outcomes.

So, whilst we wait, I believed it would be enjoyable for everybody to think what she is, and likewise utilize this as a reason for everybody to see my extremely charming canine. Here’s all the details I have so that you can make your finest informed guess.

I embraced this little best child when she was 3 months old. At the time, she weighed 18 pounds.

She’s from Puerto Rico and her mommy was discovered pregnant and taken in, then she was born in the hands of a rescue in addition to 5 littermates.

She is wacky and friendly and has lots of energy and likes deals with however dislikes buses.

She’s mainly black, however likewise has brindle covering her legs and parts of her cheeks !!!

Her hair is growing longer every day. This is what she appears like damp.

Her legs are veryyyyyy long.

And she’s got a lil’ black area on her tongue and a small white blob of hair on her chest.

So, whadya THINK????? Take your guesses about Harrie’s type mix in the remarks.

When I get the DNA results back, I’ll publish them and we’ll see who got it right. If it’s you, we can practically high-five. Harrie likes you !! BYE!!!

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