GOP effort to eliminate election threatens democracy: Sen. Michael Bennet

If you take our republic seriously, you should think about the expense to our nation if Republican senators were to dominate in reversing the election.

Michael Bennet
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Last weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, led10 other senators to announce they would follow Sen. Josh Hawley and vote to overturn Joe Biden’s election as president Certainly feeling heat from his manager, Vice President Mike Pence fell in line a couple of hours later on.

It would be simple to dismiss their unverified claims as another vacuous political episode to console an aching loser, produce project contributions or leap ahead in the next governmental election.

However I started to question what would take place if those senators and the vice president were to prosper, not a lot out of worry that they would, however out of the awareness that they are defending a set of anti-democratic concepts they think.

If you take our republic seriously, you should think about the expense to our nation if they were to dominate.

After declaring in a fundraising e-mail to represent “dedicated American individuals,” Sen. Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, tweeted, “Countless citizens worried about election stability are worthy of to be heard. I will object on January 6 on their behalf.”

Sen. Cruz’s group offered little more in their letter, slightly declaring “claims of citizen scams, infractions and lax enforcement of election law, and other ballot abnormalities.” Vice President Pence included that he “shares the issues of countless Americans about citizen scams and abnormalities.”

These chosen authorities are conjuring up an odd 19th century law planned to support our governmental election procedure by needing states to solve internal electoral conflicts and license their election results so Congress would not need to select amongst completing slates of electors.

Hawley, Cruz, Pence and their allies have actually turned this law (not to point out federalism) on its head, utilizing the flimsiest pretext to reverse an election result that satisfies the expectations of the law they mention.

Courts decline Trump claims

In this election, the states have actually counted their tallies, considered their internal conflicts, and licensed outcomes. In addition, the Trump project has actually challenged the outcomes strongly and consistently in court. Doing not have any proof of scams or abnormality, the president’s lawyers have failed 59 out of 60 times.

The Department of Homeland Security has actually called this electionthe most secure in American history Previous Chief Law Officer William Barr said there was no evidence of “scams on a scale that might have impacted a various result in the election,” and later on discovered no factor to designate an unique counsel to examine President Trump’s claims of citizen scams.

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by every affordable requirement. He made 306 Electoral College votes, Trump just 232. In the largest popular turnout in American history, Biden won 81,283,098 votes, compared to Trump’s 74,222,958.

Regardless of frustrating proof of his defeat, President Trump summoned his congressional allies and the vice president to run another errand. Their task: to nullify an appropriately carried out election — something Georgia election authorities have actually steadfastly declined to do.

In 1789, when the American individuals validated the Constitution, they made one of the excellent contributions to humankind: a system of federal government in which individuals, through elections, in harmony move power from one leader to another. Our system specifies the franchise as the right to cast a tally and have it counted, not to see one’s political dreams come to life despite the result.

From the Roman Republic previously, there have actually been apparent reasons that unwarranted issues and disproven claims are not and need to never ever suffice to challenge the outcomes of an election– not for president and not for pet dog catcher.

Such a low requirement would suggest no election would ever be chosen, and no tranquil transfer of power would ever dominate. Just dictatorial force would get.

Citizens spoke; Congress must listen

Ought To Hawley, Cruz, Pence and their co-signers prosper, it is they who would take over the franchise of every American who cast a tally in this election. And they would change it with undemocratic congressional fiat, running roughshod over our standard federalist anticipations.

If they want to go this far to keep power, there is no limitation to the power they will declare.

On Sunday, every member of your home and every senator chosen in 2020 collected to swear an oath to “support and protect the Constitution of the United States versus all opponents, foreign and domestic.”

Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution explains how the states choose the American president and how the Electoral College reveals the will of the states. It forms the structure of our American dedication to the tranquil transfer of power by election. The system is neither basic, nor perfect. However it is the system that has actually served us well throughout our history as one administration paved the way to the next.

On Wednesday, Congress will have an early chance to protect the Constitution versus Washington political leaders who want to remove its pages to serve their political interests. Like the state and regional elections authorities (particularly Republicans) who have actually stuck to the Constitution instead of send to a president’s self-serving needs, we need to reassert the American concept that we are a nation of laws, not of guys.

Michael Bennet is a Democratic senator from Colorado.

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