Golf – The Best Instruction Book Ever (My Quest For it and What I Really Discovered)

When I first picked up golf, I went to Google and searched for “golf the best instruction book ever” . If you’re reading this, then it’s highly likely you just did the same. When I started my drives were short, my putt was off and my score was well above 100. Simply take two minutes to read on and I’ll save you hours of searching for the much coveted “holy grail” manual to golf. I’ll also share with you tips from a golf legend which transformed my golf strategy.

Will reading a golf book improve your game? The answer is yes. Yes if you’re new to the game. Yes, if you’ve put in hours of practice at the driving range and can’t seem to get any consistent results. Most especially a yes if you’re contemplating investing in a new set of irons out of pure desperation. Even the great Greg Norman started from a book.

It was legendary US PGA, British Open and US Open winner Tom Armour that put things in perspective. While by far this wasn’t what I was looking for when I was searching for “golf – the best instruction book ever”, this text only, no pictures book gave me a simple 2 step strategy.

Tom recaps how one of his students sends the ball into the rough on the first hole. Tom stopped him from using a 5 iron and hands him an 8 instead. He then instructed his student to aim for the fairway, try pitching on the green and close with a 1 putt. The student finished the round at a 78.

The 2 principles from the text were simple:

1) ALWAYS play the shot you can execute MOST predictably. Even the pros have bad swing days, but they always know which shots they’re best at to get them out of the ditches.

2) Play THIS shot in a way that will make the NEXT shot easiest. In other words plan 1 shot ahead.

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