Glass beads from middle ages websites recommend more complicated trade networks


IMAGE: Beads examined in this research study
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Credit: Miriam Truffa Giachet & & Nicolas Spuhler

Short Article Title: “Compositional and provenance research study of glass beads from historical sites in Mali and Senegal at the time of the very first Sahelian states”

Financing: This research study has actually gained from financing by the Swiss National Science Structure (grant no 101211_163022 for E.H.) the Swiss-Liechtenstein Structure for historical research study abroad – SLSA (grant for E.H. and A.M.), and the Professors of Sciences of the University of Geneva (grant for E.H.). The funders had no function in research study style, information collection and analysis, choice to release, or preparation of the manuscript.

Completing Interests: The authors have actually stated that no completing interests exist

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