Farmers need quicker disbursal of insurance coverage

Around 200 maize farmers from Peraiyur taluk petitioned the Collector here on Monday, requiring disbursal of crop insurance coverage pending for 2018-19.

The farmers stated the crop insurance coverage had actually not been paid out in the following 12 towns in Mothagam firka: Gopinayaickanpatti, Muruganeri, Sengulum, Kannapatti, V. Chathirapatti, Vaiyur, V. Gopalapuram, Rettiraipatti, Silarpatti, Chinna Muthulingapuram, Subbulapuram and Venkatachalapuram.

O.A. Narayanasamy, State president of Tamil Vivasayigal Sangam, who led the demonstration, stated while crop insurance coverage for other areas for 2018-19 had actually been paid out, these 12 towns were alone overlooked owing to a mistake made by the authorities. All the farmers had actually paid their premium for the crop insurance coverage and had invoices for the very same. “The authorities state we have actually paid the premium for a various crop season. However all farmers have actually paid the premium throughout the proper season and a mistake has actually been devoted by the authorities. Eventually, the farmers have actually been impacted,” he stated.

The maize farmers suffered substantial crop damage throughout 2018-19 due to fall armyworm attack on a big scale, stated P. Srinivasan, district president of the farmers’ association. “Additionally, rains were sporadic that year, which led to lower yield,” he stated.

The farmers brought grown maize crop to the Collectorate to reveal the fall armyworm invasion of the crop. “The fall armyworm has actually assaulted maize fields of Peraiyur taluk this year too. The authorities need to support farmers in avoiding the fall armyworm attack,” stated Mr. Narayanasamy.

If the pending crop insurance coverage is not paid out within a week, the farmers would turn to roadway blockade, he stated.

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