‘Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical’ evaluation: NBC’s vacation unique puts the humbug in the vacations

Staged at the Troubadour Theater in London, the discussion was spirited, vibrant and aesthetically innovative, from the storybook backgrounds to having Morrison’s Grinch break the 4th wall early on, showing his ruthlessness by insulting the house audience’s unsightly sofas. Take that, America.

The tunes, however, are unmemorable, besides the couple of cribbed from the initial animated classic. And even with a great deal of commercials padding out the 2 hours, the program felt puffed up and flat, with little sense of the magic in all the fluff utilized to expand the Grinch’s journey from Christmas-stealing curmudgeon to his the spirit-of-the-holiday surprise.

The staging hands off the storyteller responsibilities to an older variation of the Grinch’s canine Max (Denis O’Hare), played by Booboo Stewart (Disney’s “Descendants”) as a more youthful dog.

The program, obviously, felt intended greatly at the more youthful part of a household audience, with the hope that moms and dads would enjoy to share a theatrical-style experience with them, specifically now.

Morrison plainly tossed his all into vamping things up, even prior to sustaining the prolonged application of that bright-green makeup. Amelia Minto, the tyke cast as Cindy-Lou Who, likewise showed a great voice.

Still, the irreverence of Jim Carrey’s live-action motion picture (a little of which goes a long method) loomed bigger than the terrific economy of the Chuck Jones animated unique, which may describe an unjustified flatulence gag.

In one tune about present offering the ensemble croons “It’s the idea that counts,” and there’s something to be stated for that mindset here. Even with the surge of seeing alternatives, it’s great to see the broadcast networks take possibilities attempting to produce some brand-new vacation fare, instead of simply run the gears off the typical suspects.

Still, “The Grinch Musical!” definitely didn’t make its exclamation point, or do anything to make an irritable critic’s too-small heart grow one size, much less 3. So while it’s a bit exhausted, possibly, to state it in rhyme, this Grinch, alas, wasn’t worth the time.

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