Do not perform a coronavirus quick test outside throughout winter season

The cold can impact the outcomes of a COVID-19 antigen test. For this factor, the medical innovation company nal von minden from Moers, Germany, stresses that the quick tests ought to not be utilized outside in winter season in temperature levels under 15 degrees Celsius. Right use of the NADAL ® COVID-19 antigen test is very essential in order to get a dependable outcome. People ought to for that reason put in the time to check out the guidelines for usage completely and stick to the standards.

As the possibility of getting contaminated outdoors is lower than in an enclosed area, coronavirus quick tests are significantly being performed outside, according to nal von minden GmbH, based in Moers, Germany. “The concept of performing the quick test exterior is naturally not a bad one, however we would urgently encourage versus it in cold winter season temperature levels as this can result in incorrect outcomes. All the test parts consisting of the test cassette, the sample and buffer need to be utilized at a temperature level in between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius,” states Roland Meißner, CEO at nal von minden GmbH.

How to carry out a test

How to perform a test

When it’s cold, all the procedures take longer, Meißner states. “The circulation rate is slower. For that reason it takes longer from when the sample is drawn from the nose or throat up until it responds with the antibodies in the quick test, which can result in incorrect outcomes.”

The NADAL ® COVID-19 antigen test ought to for that reason at the minute just be performed inside your home or in temperature levels in between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius, worries Meißner. This is likewise mentioned in the guidelines for usage offered with each package.

If utilized properly, the NADAL ® COVID-19 antigen test uses the greatest quality, something which was just recently validated in a research study by the well-renowned Berlin University Health center Charité. The German Federal Ministry of Health has actually likewise advised the nal von minden GmbH quick test, and has actually even incorporated its use into its nationwide screening method.

With the NADAL ® COVID-19 antigen test, outcomes are readily available after 15 minutes. Outcomes need to read after precisely 15 minutes, as this is precisely when the preferred immunological responses are occurring.

To perform the test, a swab needs to be drawn from the mouth or nasopharynx by medical workers. “If taking a swab from the mouth, care needs to be required to guarantee the swab does not touch the tongue or teeth, otherwise the sample product can get stuck there,” states Meißner. “It is for that reason normally a much safer bet to take a sample from the nasopharynx.”

How to perform a test
Essential: Please guarantee a space temperature level of a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius (max. 30 degrees)!


  1. Thoroughly shake the buffer bottle.
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  3. Hold the bottle upright and give 10 drops into television.
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  5. Next, position the swab consisting of the drawn out sample into television. Turn the swab. In order to draw out the antigens, press television and swab together 10-15 times.
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  7. Leave the swab in the option and let it represent roughly 2 minutes.
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  9. When getting rid of the swab, extract as much fluid as possible.
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  11. Location the dropper cap on television.
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  13. Hold television vertically and give 2 drops of the sample into the sample well of the test cassette.
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  15. Analyze the test results after precisely 15 minutes.
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