Donald Trump’s presidency by the numbers

The story of the Trump presidency can not be totally informed in numbers. However these numbers highlight a few of the lots of methods Trump and his administration defied the status quo of the executive branch.

Trump has actually continued to tweet more with each extra year in workplace. He has actually tweeted more than 25,000 times– approximately 18 times daily– because taking workplace in January 2017, consisting of retweets. His longest break from Twitter was simply 1.9 days without tweeting in June 2017, when former FBI Director James Comey was affirming prior to the Senate Intelligence Committee throughout the Russia examination.
While in workplace, Trump has continued to utilize an individual mobile phone with a microphone and cam to make calls– defying previous governmental security procedures and disregarding duplicated cautions from his personnel that the practice might leave him susceptible to foreign monitoring.
By contrast, Obama, who requested he have the ability to keep his Blackberry while in workplace, was offered a “a military-grade phone without a microphone, cam, or area tracker that might not make or get calls,” according toPolitico
Trump has likewise mainly avoided much of the rules related to the general public affairs side of the workplace. He’s mainly passed up press release and individually tv interviews in favor of tweets to reveal fragile matters such as Cabinet terminations and brand-newpolicies

And public habits that otherwise was mainly underneath the workplace prior to his period is typically on complete screen online, with Trump typically turning to name-calling and tweeting overtly racist messages and media. On Twitter, he routinely reveals annoyance towards his own appointees, and often utilizes curs or shares tweets from users who do.

He likewise utilizes social networks to spread out false information. Since December 17, Twitter had actually flagged 362 of his tweets over possibly deceptive or disputed claims, according to, an information analytics business.


Since December 15, the turnover rate amongst “senior-ranking advisors in the executive workplace of the president” was 91%,according to the Brookings Institution Thirty-nine percent of these departures have actually remained in tasks that have actually turned over two times or more because Trump took workplace.

In addition, there have actually been 13 Cabinet departures because Trump took workplace, the most current to leave being Chief law officer William Barr.

Information gathered by Brookings checking out turnover amongst those very same “senior-ranking consultant” functions in previous administrations discovered that amongst United States presidents returning to Ronald Reagan, none had a turnover rate greater than 80% in his very first term in workplace.

That very same information revealed that each United States president returning to Reagan had 8 or less Cabinet departures in his very first 4 years in workplace.

Trump has actually had 4 White Home press secretaries. This is one of the most press secretaries to ever fill the function in one United States governmental term because the task was established more than 90 years back.

Trump has actually had 4 chiefs of personnel, connecting with Obama for the most chiefs of personnel throughout a very first term.

In Addition, Trump has actually had 7 White Home interactions directors. Anthony Scaramucci, who was fired after 11 days,had the shortest tenure in history in that position

Judicial consultations

Trump has actually had the ability to effectively designate 3 United States Supreme Court justices, and he’s exceeded the variety of federal judges designated by George H.W. Bush– the most current one-term president.

Previously this year, Trump was likewise on track to designate more federal appellate judges than any current president at the very same point in his presidency,according to the Pew Research Center Although Trump served just 4 years, his modifications to the makeup of federal courts will be felt long after he leaves the White Home.

Executive action

Since December 11, 520 governmental files signed by Trump– consisting of executive orders, governmental memorandums, decisions and notifications– had actually been released in the Federal Register. Of those, 288 were executive orders and governmental memorandums, not consisting of memos that are clerical in nature.

Presidents have significantly secondhand executive orders and governmental memorandums interchangeably to provide regulations to their companies; they are both lawfully binding, though executive action can be reversed by the next president.

The increased dependence on such actions has actually come as a significantly gridlocked Congress has actually made it tough for presidents to act upon their programs.

Obama had actually released 226 executive orders and memorandums at this moment in his period in workplace, while George W. Bush had actually signed 189.

Prior to ending up being President, Trump grumbled about what he viewed as Obama’s overuse of executive authority however likewise recommended that the federal government might be run like an organization.

” The nation wasn’t based upon executive orders,” Trump stated in February 2016. “Today, Obama walks around signing executive orders. He can’t even agree the Democrats, and he walks around signing all these executive orders. It’s a fundamental catastrophe. You can’t do it.”

Yet Trump has actually currently gone beyond both George W. Bush and Obama in the variety of released executive orders and memorandums.

Trump at first framed his presidency as one that would be run like an organization, stating throughout a governmental argument with Hillary Clinton in 2016 that “If we might run our nation the method I have actually run my business, we would have a nation that you would be so pleased with.”

However in the months after he entered workplace, Trump lamented that politics is “an extremely rough system” and “an antiquated system.” And in an interview assessing his very first 100 days in workplace, Trump informed Reuters, “This is more work than in my previous life. I believed it would be much easier.”

Coronavirus cases and deaths

Trump’s last year in workplace has actually mainly been specified by his administration’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. The United States has 4% of the world’s population, however since mid-December it has 23% of the world’s coronavirus cases and 19% of the deaths.
Since December 17, there had actually been more than 300,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States and 17 million coronavirus cases in the United States.


Given that taking workplace, the President has actually made 418 check outs to Trump-branded residential or commercial properties– that include 307 days invested at golf clubs, according to CNN’s count based upon swimming pool reports, public schedules and public looks since December 17. That implies Trump has actually gone to golf courses on about 21% of the days of his presidency, or approximately 1 in 5 days. He has actually gone to Trump residential or commercial properties on about 29% of the days of his presidency– almost one-third of his days in workplace.

Trump has actually invested 48 days at golf clubs and made 77 check outs to Trump-branded residential or commercial properties since the first coronavirus case was identified in the US.
Prior to he ended up being President, Trump typically grumbled about then-President Obama’s playing golf routine, saying in 2015 that Obama “might play more golf than any human remaining in America, and I’m not exactly sure that benefits the President.”
But Trump spent 307 days on the links in one term, compared to Obama’s 333 rounds of golf over 2 terms, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News, who keeps in-depth stats of presidencies.


The federal death sentence was renewed in 1988 and broadened in 1994. In between 1988 and 2003, when a moratorium was enforced, there were just three federal executions, all under George W. Bush. The 10 executions purchased under Trump up until now are the most federal executions under any president because Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Barr, Trump’s outbound chief law officer, resumed federal executions in July 2019 after the 17-year hiatus. The last time this lots of federal executions were arranged to be performed throughout the lame-duck duration of a presidency, Grover Cleveland was president,according to the Death Penalty Information Center


Trump isn’t the very first President to have people in his orbit be condemned of criminal activities, however he’s the very first United States President in years to see this lots of buddies and partners deal with prospective prison time.

CNN’s count of people charged or condemned of criminal activities up and down Richard Nixon’s command, for instance, consists of much of the people associated with the Watergate scandal, such as Nixon’s chief of personnel and the 5 males associated with the theft of the Democratic National Committee head office.

And the people charged or condemned of criminal activities around Ronald Reagan consist of a multitude of partners associated with the Iran-Contra scandal and associates charged in relation to previous Real estate and Urban Advancement Secretary Samuel Pierce’s mismanagement of the company.

Pardons and commutations

While other presidents were slammed for their usage of the pardon power for what seemed political ends, Trump’s acts of clemency have actually brought that self-serving usage of the power to brand-new extremes.

Much of Trump’s pardons and sentence commutations have actually gone to previous partners, conservative political figures and the well-connected. All however 5 people who got clemency from Trump have connections to the White Home or currency with his political base or, when it comes to a posthumous pardon of Susan B. Anthony, function as a political sign (despite the fact that she used the conviction happily and historians say would not have wanted the pardon).
Throughout his presidency, Trump has actually highlighted his signing of the Initial Step Act into law– a sweeping criminal justice law that resulted in the release of countless federal detainees. However his record on pardons and commutations just boosts the proof that he’s not making every effort to best previous wrongs based upon systemic predisposition in the criminal justice system, with some significant exceptions.

Among Trump’s very first commutations while in workplace was to Alice Marie Johnson, who had actually been serving a life sentence for cash laundering and a nonviolent drug offense. However like much of the people approved clemency by Trump, Johnson’s name was brought for major factor to consider just when a specific linked to the White Home– particularly, Kim Kardashian West– contacted us.

Up until now, the variety of individuals who have actually been pardoned or approved commutations by Trump is much smaller sized than acts of clemency by previous United States presidents returning to Nixon.

Jimmy Carter, who served for just one term, like Trump, approved 534 pardons. Obama’s 1,715 travelled jail sentences in his 2 terms were one of the most of any president in history– and he particularly described his inspirations to highlight systemic predisposition in the criminal justice system.

Numerous contemporary presidents have actually waited till the subsiding days of their presidencies to provide acts of clemency. And CNN has actually just recently reported that Trump, in his last months in workplace, is mulling preemptive pardons for more associates, members of his family and possibly himself. A source likewise informed CNN previously this month to anticipate a “flurry” of extra pardons prior to Trump leaves workplace.

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